Friday, September 27, 2013

Spring daisy nail art

I finally got around to using acrylic paints, while I still need lots of practice to perfect them I'm really happy with my daisies :). The base colour is Zoya Josie and the rest is acrylic paints I picked up at my local newsagency. They were so much easier to work with than polish and I didn't have any smears in adding a top coat. 

Yay tomorrow is Friday, and one day until my birthday. I'm not too old to still get excited am I? I've asked for so many polishes that I may have to be on a no buy until Christmas collection time :)
Enjoy your day, Tx

ps don't forget to share the wave of polish around!!


  1. happy spring! We are just heading into fall where I live and it's hot, hot which is typical for where I live on the central coast of Calif...we got hot always this time of yr...send the kids back to school and watch them cry because it's major beach weather! We will get cooler by mid to later Nov (hopefully) - gets later and later every yr before it really turns with the global warming. Love your daisy mani!

  2. Arghhh the colour is gorgeous! Stupid Zoya AU not having it available for our group buy *shakes fist*


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