Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Happily Ever After collection

This first birthday collection is my baby, I've been working on it since March as it had to be perfect. It’s the Happily Ever After collection and has 6 soft colour holos all with rainbow pearl micro flakies and one gold with pastel flakes that is so sparkly the pictures don't do it justice. This collection has matching bottle labels that are limited edition. I may be a little excited but I want to celebrate with my beautiful customers. The whole month of September will include some new products including cuticle pens, mani bombs, nail vinyls and charms and jewellery. There will also be scratch cards with a range of prizes available.

We are celebrating a month early, Grace-full didn't open until October 24 2014 but this is my birthday month and in October I'll be busy with Wave of Polish again so it seemed the perfect compromise.

Both birthday collections and products will release September 1st at 7pm.  Go to Grace-full Nail Polish Shop to pick up these cuties.

They are also available or will soon be in stock from my stockists Ella AnnRainbow Connection UK and the Nail Whisperer

Before I bust I think it might be time for you to meet the gang. 
First off let's meet Amethyst the Unicorn. She is a mid pastel purple linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies. The Happily Ever After After collection come with their own limited edition customised labels.

Meet Charming Frog a mid pastel green linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies 

This is Violetta the Dragon – a mid violet linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies 

Our next character is Knight Silver Lake - his polish is - a mid blue pastel with blue and rainbow flakies in a linear holo

This is Princess Rose as every fairytale needs a Princess!! She is a soft pink between baby pink and candy pink linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies. Very feminine <3

Up next is Coral Castle - a tricky colour to describe, to me it's coral with pink tones but also leans a little into peach ones, it is a linear holo with rainbow pearl flakies

Our last polish for this collection - Crowning Glory – a holo base tinted gold with fine superholograpic gold micro glitter and crystal rainbow pastel flakies.
Very sparkly in real life.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I've enjoyed making them :)


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