Tuesday, September 30, 2014

AN Monday - theme - favourite brand - Zoya Ryan and Remy

I just couldn't choose one favourite Australian Indie so I went with my favourite mainstream brand Zoya. I love everything about Zoya polishes from the brush to the formula, and on me they wear great. In this look I used Zoya Ryan  and Remy with a diamond striping tape pattern. I love the pop of colour Remy adds underneath Ryan.

Hope your week is going well, Tx

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summer Neon Nails

We've had a few gorgeous Spring days so I had to pull out my neons to celebrate. Everything about neon screams warm weather, beaches and outdoors. I used Orly Neon Heat on my index and pinkie, Miss Ashleigh And it Was All Yellow for my middle finger and China Glaze Towel Boy Toy for my ring finger. I made up the neon glitter, unfortunately neon often bleeds so I won't be making this one for sale. I finished it off with some neon studs. It just makes you feel warm doesn't it?

Have a great weekend, Tx.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hot Pink Skittlette

Hi everyone! firstly I will apologise in advance, Wave of Polish requires a lot of work and my posts here will probably be sporadic over the next few weeks. I will still post here I just may not make every day posts :)

Today's look is a pink I actually like - shock, horror! I used Zoya Reagan for my index and pinkie and to me it's a pretty ok pink :). The glitter is one from Grace-full Nail Polish that will be available when I open my shop sometime after Wave of Polish. It's called Passion and will be a part of my Nailed It accent collection where I will be selling glitter polishes in the one colour that are just perfect for accent nails. The dots with a top off centre dot, I  really don't know what they're called officially but I do like them :)

Have a wonderful day, Tx

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wave of Polish

Wave of polish is back again this year! If you didn't see it last year here is a rundown. 

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Throughout the month we ask that you paint your nails blue and pink on a Tuesday to show your support and raise awareness of pregnancy and Infant loss.

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness day, so if there is only one Tuesday you can commit to painting your nails this month please chose this date. Around the world on the 15th October at 7pm people are asked to light a candle. Then throughout the time zones a wave of light is made in memory of the precious lives taken too soon. Let's also make October 15th a wave of polished hands showing support throughout the world. If you would like to do more days in the month that would be great too :)

In conjunction with the wave of polish campaign I will be holding an auction which has many one of a kinds from mainly Aussie Indies and a couple of international Indies. This year there a special Enchanted polish is available to bid on. Bidding is open internationally. Funds go to SANDS Australia. The auction will start on the 8th October at 9am and finish on the 15th October. Visit http://waveofpolish.blogspot.com.au/for all the details

1 in 4 pregnancies will end in loss, leaving behind devastated families. Please show your support and help raise awareness.

I will set up an inlinkz code for blogs and we will use #pregnancyandinfantloss on instagram

I also hold an auction of polishes, 

Below is a polish I have made for auction, we have over 30 brands auctioning polishes so please keep an eye on on the Wave of Polish blog.

Please help me spread the word and share the below image on your blog or Instagram. It would be such a huge help if people could help spread the word.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Belated AN Monday - theme your favourite sporting team colours

I'm an AFL girl so it wasn't hard to know what colours I would use. I'm a big West Coast Eagles fan, so did the stripes in the teams colours. The white is French White by Kester Black, the yellow is Zoya Darcy and the blue is my YSL and I found the colour name it's Bleu Majorelle. My ring finger is an attempt at goals and a football :)

I'm crazy busy with Wave of Polish and working on my own polishes so I'm a day late in posting :( but I still got it done :)

Have a great day, Tx

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Violet Skittlette

Today I'm showcasing another glitter that will be available soon in my Nail it Accent core range. This one is in gorgeous Violet holo glitters. I teamed it with a random lilac I've made previously and black. I love all of these colours together. The dots do go out into a dark purple but it's a bit too dark to see in photos.

Hope you have a fabulous day, Tx

Sayuri Otherwordly Collection

I have five beautiful new release polishes to share today, these are a part of their new collection, the Otherwordly Collection. They are available now!. Price: $9.95 each. Holos are $10.95 the others are $9.95. Whole collex is $45.95. You can purchase and browse Sayuri polishes on their website, or follow on their Facebook page to read the latest news.

This first polish is Umbra. I am seriously in love with this polish. there is just something about the colour, the flakies and the scattered holo that look so right together. The colour is just gorgeous and  a tad unique to what I have in my collection, it is a dusty burgundy. I may have made up a colour then lol but I'm sure you understand what I mean. Application was a breeze and I am wearing two thin cots with top coat.

This polish Dark Intent has a wow factor. Not only is it a beautiful dark blue but as you move your nails around you will see it shift to a violet colour. I have a weakness for duochromes and a polish like these proves just why I do. The formula is excellent and I am wearing three thin coats with top coat.

Now if you've been wondering why I love the others so much and haven't declared them my favourite this polish Magick Solace is why. As a green lover this polish is a must have. Not only do you have the gorgeous forest green it flashes, olive green, teal and gold at different angles. This polish really won me over and I love it. Again application and formula were excellent and I am wearing three thin coats with top coat.

This deep orange is another unique addition to my collection. The colour is fabulous and with the addition of copper flakies and colour shifting black to blue flakies it is special. It has a holographic finish that lights up in the sun. It's a limited edition polish so grab one soon. I am wearing three coats and top coat

Last but not least is Mystic Souls another holo finish polish in a grey to blue almost stonewash denim colour. The colours you can see peeking through the polish are blue and violet flakies with scattered holo throughout. Another fantastic polish with a great formula.

That's the end of the collection, every polish was a dream to work with as the formula is spot on.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I've been up to..

Sorry guys I've been so busy swatching this last week that I've neglected you all. The bonus of this is that you will get to see a few new collections in the next week :). I've also been busy creating.

You will have noticed in a few posts recently I've had polishes I've made myself. I am absolutely loving it and find it gives me the same creative buzz as nail art does. There's also a huge advantage in being a swatcher as I know by the first stroke of a polish whether it's going to be too sheer, too much glitter or just plain wrong. This whole endeavour started mainly with working on a collection with my 20 yr old son. He wants to see a certain book/film made so we're doing it together lol, It's actually quite fun and his girlfriend thinks it's hilarious especially when he says nope not quite the right colour. Personally sometimes I want to throttle him but he is usually right - shhh don't tell him I said that. 

I never set out to start a business but as I've found a deep passion in creating and as many of you are asking where to get the polishes from I'm considering it. I have tested my glitters just because I'm a follow the rules kind of girl and even though they were for me and family and friends I wanted to know if there was a bleed etc which glitter would have been to blame. So it's been over a couple of months I've been testing and researching. Opening a polish line is something I've ummed and aahed over and thought I'd made my mind up in different ways on a few occasions. I'm well aware that the indie market is saturated and I don't expect more than to share my love of what I'm creating and doing something I just love and some money towards being able to keep creating.

So one day soon Grace-full Nail Polish will be open. I'm a perfectionist so want everything tested, checked and double checked before I offer it for sale, so maybe more like a month than one day soon :) I will keep you up to date with everything here.

Now to tide you over until I can start blogging as usual here are a couple of designs I've done on the fly this week.

Gorgeous Rimmel polishes, these 60 second polishes are worth buying as many are one coaters.

and my first YSL, what an amazing colour. Embarrassingly I can't find out what the name is, I think I must be overlooking something on the bottle :(

Celestial Cosmetics Armageddon collection - Halloween

Nicki from Celestial has done it again! This is a great Halloween trio and I'm not even a Halloween fan. The Armageddon collection contains a creme, jelly glitter and a crelly glitter - just perfect for a trio. The whole naming and polishes have me singing It's the final countdown bada da daaa. Sorry I can't type and sing that well but it's probably preferable to hearing my voice :) 

These polishes are available now. Don't forget to go to Celestial Cosmetics to buy yours and see the other marvellous creations. Celestial Cosmetics offers International shipping so no one has to miss out :)

Right onto the polishes

This beauty is End of Days. It has a super super dark purple base and teeny glitters in neon green and red. I love microglitter in a polish and when it's in a jelly, I die a little. Application was an absolute breeze, I applied three thin coats, but two would have been sufficient I just like three from habit.

Now if you only buy one polish this month BUY this one. It is a fantastic black creme with purple undertones and the truly exciting part is that it's a one coater. I didn't paint my nails in a super perfect manner, I applied the first coat and just looked and went wow it's perfect at one coat. I also have no top coat on here and look at how glossy it is!! Love it and it's now my go to black polish.

Lastly this is Finale and wow. Not what I expected to unpack from a Halloween trio but Nicki got it so right, This polish represents how Nicki would want to spend her last day with bling and sparkle. The base is a bone colour and it has subtle amounts of holo glitters in silver, gold and copper. Under lights it just sparkles crazily! I am wearing two coats.

Monday, September 15, 2014

AN Monday - Favourite Colour Combination

I have way too many favourite colour combos! It wasn't an easy choice but I ended up with lemon, white and grey. The lemon is Lime Crime Crema De Limon, the grey is Zoya Dove and the white Kester Black French White.I free handed the flowers, the dots are with a dotting tool and the chevrons were made with nail vinyls as templates. I really do adore these colours together but keep thinking maybe I should have done a different one :)

Have a great day, Tx

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turqoise and Purple skittle

Today I am again wearing polishes I made. I knew from the start of making polishes that I wanted to create a polish for Wave of Polish so came up with a brand name and logo.  I am absolutely loving polish making and find it gives me the same creative buzz as nail art does.

Onto today's look, there is nothing better than being able to add a matching glitter to a skittle, I just love wearing skittles that way. I love the colours of both of these cremes and wanted to wear them together. The flowers are easily made with a dotting tool. This is a look that's easy, anyone can try it and end up with a pretty end result.

Have a fabulous weekend, Tx


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