Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Christmas Collection 2015


Welcome to our Grace-full Nail polish Christmas collection. We are using the above graphic as labels on all Christmas polishes. This is a six polish collection with three holos, two superholographic micro glitters (like Mt Doom) and one jelly glitter. The Exuberant Elf holo polish is part of a duo collaboration with Powder Perfect who has a Santa holo and will release separately. Onto the polishes. is only open another week before Christmas Break.

First is Vixen. I made Vixen as a gift for my swatchers last Christmas and as someone has just posted a photo in the fan group there’s been a great interest to see it brought to the public. Vixen is a red/orange/coral version of Mount Doom with the same gold superholographic glitter.

swatch by Emma

Stille Nacht, stille nacht is German for Silent night. I learnt how to sing Silent Night in German in grade 4 and have never forgotten lol. Stille Nacht is a deep blue jelly base with the silver version of the superholographic microglitter. Two easy to apply coats for full super sparkly coverage. I like to do at least one polish that can be worn any time of the year and not just Christmas.

Christmas Rose – a gorgeous Rose Gold holo with shimmer. I love this one and it’s probably my favourite holo I’ve ever made. I am a huge Rose Gold fan! I made this one to match my iPhone 

Exuberant Elf is part of a duo collaboration with Powder Perfect. It’s a bright elf green with silver flakes throughout. Perfect Christmas elf green that covers fully in 2-3 coats.

Starry Christmas – I made this one for myself in the middle of last December and I just love it. I know jelly glitters have gone out of vogue but I think they still have a place at Christmas. Starry Christmas has a deep green jelly base with green stars, gold and red holographic stars, gold holo squares and red and green microglitter. 

Silver and Gold – Silver and Gold is actually a Christmas Carol and the perfect name for this polish. It has a holographic base with gold and silver flakes throughout. It looks beautiful and shiny on its on. As an added option I have made a Christmas green and a red tint that can be painted over the top to add a glassy finish to the polish. You can choose whether you wish for it to come with tints or not.

That’s it and a very merry Christmas to all.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polis - I Wonder... and the story behind it

I ended up with one more Wave of Polish polish from Grace-full (me) - I had the urge to write, I don't want sympathy just to continue to raise awareness of how life is for bereaved parents. Of course I then needed a polish to match, I think a hot pink represents the whole life cycle of a girl. There are 8 bottles of this one named I Wonder.... it is a hot pink linear holo

I Wonder…

I wonder if you know 
That not only were we looking forward to having Grace in our lives but so were her brother, her grandparents, her great grandparent, her aunts and uncles and especially all her cousins.

I wonder if you know
That we'd decorated a nursery with excitement and filled it with love, dreams and possibilities of what was to come.

I wonder if you know
That we planned life around our new baby. That the house we lived in was chosen as it was perfect for our two children. That our car was made ready for two children and that the school we chose for Zac was because we could walk with our baby and not worry about her waking.

I wonder if you know
That we were preparing Zac to be a big brother. That we'd bought Christmas presents for our baby so he would learn the baby would get gifts too. That we'd spent weekend mornings in our bed explaining to him that soon there'd be four in our bed not just three.

I wonder if you know
That we were already looking forward to our baby's future. That we wanted to see those first steps, that first birthday and everyone after. That we'd thought about her first day of school, her big birthdays and one day her wedding.

I wonder if you know
When you say 'she was just a baby', 'we could have another', 'at least you have Zac' and now 'hasn't it been long enough?' that we didn't just lose a baby we lost a whole life we'd planned. A whole person whose baby years, toddler years, school years, teen years and adulthood we were so looking forward to.

I hope one day you will know
We lost so much more than you could ever believe possible, so please know we didn't 'just lose a baby', she could never have been replaced and as wonderful as Zac is, he is his own special unique person who is not a consolation prize for his sister. I hope you know we didn't just lose the newborn stage, we lost the past, the present and our future and a human being full of possibilities whom we already loved more than life.

Wave of Polish Auctions are back!!!! Grace-full Nail Polish Auction Polishes

There are some scars that can’t be seen by the eye

Some wounds that will never heal

Some hurts that time will never mend

And broken hearts with pieces missing that will never be whole again.

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Throughout the month we ask that you paint your nails blue and pink on a Thursday to show your support and raise awareness of pregnancy and Infant loss.

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness day, so if there is only one Thursday you can commit to painting your nails this month please chose this date. Around the world on the 15th October at 7pm people are asked to light a candle. Then throughout the time zones a wave of light is made in memory of the precious lives taken too soon. Let's also make October 15th a wave of polished hands showing support throughout the world. If you would like to do more days in the month that would be great too smile emoticon

In conjunction with the wave of polish campaign I will be holding an auction of one off polishes made by our amazing Australian Indies and also some gorgeous pastels from amazing Australian polish brands. The auction will start on the 8th October at 9am and finish on the 15th October. Visit for all the details or you can bid at

1 in 4 pregnancies will end in loss, leaving behind devastated families. Please show your support and help raise awareness.

 Our first auction polish is Teen Angel, as Grace would be a teen it felt right to go with a bright colour rather than a pastel polish. This is what I'd call a Raspberry Pink, it has a subtle linear holo and glass flecks so it looks fabulous in the shade as well as the sun. This is a one of a kind polish and won't be made again.

 Grace-full Nail Polish's second auction polish is called Everybody Hurts and is a little darker than normal. I wanted a polish to reflect grief - it is dark and gloomy with jagged edges like the flakies. Through time there are sparks of hope like the ultra chrome chameleon flakies that pop through the darkness. This is a black jelly that leans to blue due to the UCC flakies that are shades of Blue, Aqua and Violet

 The next auction lot from Grace-full Nail polish (me). This is So Little, So Loved - it's a periwinkle holo with a slight pink sheen

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Happily Ever After collection

This first birthday collection is my baby, I've been working on it since March as it had to be perfect. It’s the Happily Ever After collection and has 6 soft colour holos all with rainbow pearl micro flakies and one gold with pastel flakes that is so sparkly the pictures don't do it justice. This collection has matching bottle labels that are limited edition. I may be a little excited but I want to celebrate with my beautiful customers. The whole month of September will include some new products including cuticle pens, mani bombs, nail vinyls and charms and jewellery. There will also be scratch cards with a range of prizes available.

We are celebrating a month early, Grace-full didn't open until October 24 2014 but this is my birthday month and in October I'll be busy with Wave of Polish again so it seemed the perfect compromise.

Both birthday collections and products will release September 1st at 7pm.  Go to Grace-full Nail Polish Shop to pick up these cuties.

They are also available or will soon be in stock from my stockists Ella AnnRainbow Connection UK and the Nail Whisperer

Before I bust I think it might be time for you to meet the gang. 
First off let's meet Amethyst the Unicorn. She is a mid pastel purple linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies. The Happily Ever After After collection come with their own limited edition customised labels.

Meet Charming Frog a mid pastel green linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies 

This is Violetta the Dragon – a mid violet linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies 

Our next character is Knight Silver Lake - his polish is - a mid blue pastel with blue and rainbow flakies in a linear holo

This is Princess Rose as every fairytale needs a Princess!! She is a soft pink between baby pink and candy pink linear holo with pearl rainbow flakies. Very feminine <3

Up next is Coral Castle - a tricky colour to describe, to me it's coral with pink tones but also leans a little into peach ones, it is a linear holo with rainbow pearl flakies

Our last polish for this collection - Crowning Glory – a holo base tinted gold with fine superholograpic gold micro glitter and crystal rainbow pastel flakies.
Very sparkly in real life.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I've enjoyed making them :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

What a Girl Needs collection - Grace-full Nail Polish

What a Girl Needs collection. This collection is the sister to What a Girl Wants collection. It’s the second birthday collection and is a 6 polish collection. As I wouldn't be here nearly a year later without my customers I asked my fan group to make storyboards with inspiration of their dream polish. I chose 6 of them and made them into polishes. You will see the inspiration pics used in the collages. There is three holos, the green, the deep pink and the silver glitter has a holo base. This collection releases on the 1st September at 7pm AEST at It will also be available shortly from my stockists Ella Ann, Rainbow Connection UK and the Nail Whisperer

Royal Forest Nymph – a deep jewel green linear holo that has a slight shift to gold. 

Blue S-teal - It's the big sister to Do the Magic! and has the same finish with colour shift but this one moves through blue, steel blue and teal

Pinktopia – a deep pink with sparkle and UCC chrome chameleon flakies

Butter-ful – a white base with two sizes of gold flakes that turn the white to a creamy colour - It's far prettier in real life than the photos show. It's understated but elegant and very feminine

Rain Upon The Moon - It's the baby sister to White Rider and has the same super sparkle just with smaller silver super holographic glitter, a silver tinted holo base and rainbow flakes throughout.

Elementeal – teal jelly base with teal and copper super holographic micro glitter – too many sparkles for the camera to catch.

Friday, July 31, 2015

What a Girl Wants collection – collaboration with Ella Ann Cosmetics and Grace-full Nail Polish

This is the What a Girl Wants collection – collaboration with Ella Ann Cosmetics and I. This collection will release on tonight at 7pm AEST at Grace-full Nail Polish and Friday 31st at 9pm Eastern at Ella Ann Cosmetics. Six Ella Ann girls were chosen to have their inspiration picture used to make a polish. Then there is one designed by Kristen and one from me, so 8 polishes in total. The Inspiration pics are in the collages.

Dark Orchid  a linear Radiant Orchid coloured holo with violet flakies

Deeply in Luxe – a linear light coral leaning to champagne colour holo with pops of rainbow pearl flecks throughout

Chuck’s Berry – a hot pink linear holo with darker hot pink flecks throughout

1000 Oceans – a deep royal blue linear holo with blue sparks through it

Purplerazzi – a deep purple shimmer with bright purple sparks and navy and turquoise micro glitter

Amazonite Mermaid – a mid blue/green with pops of flakies throughout

This is my inspiration polish. it's called Red Spherical Dress – a pink red linear holo with deeper red micro flakies through it.

I cannot look at it without laughing. We were sitting around the lounge room and I was quizzing the family on what I was going to call this polish. We're all brainstorming red ideas. Hubby comes out with Red Spherical Dress, I'm like what? He repeated and said you know the kind you find at a second hand store. I'm still going what on earth are you talking about?? He says you know the song and sings 'red spherical dress, the kind you find from a secondhand store' now hopefully you aren't all too young to know the artist formerly known as Prince and know he was actually singing Raspberry Beret with his very own lyrics!! I laughed til I cried and Red Spherical Dress the polish was born

Stop the Show – This is Kristen's the name behind Ella Ann Cosmetics inspiration polish. This polish comes with a tint. The main polish is a bright pink with micro silver flakies through out. To make it more versatile we decided to add a bottle of red tint, when you place one coat over the main polish you have a new super red polish. 


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