Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gloss 'N Sparkle Boogey Man's briefs

This is the closest you will see of me doing halloween nails. I'm not against the holiday at all I just believe that it is becoming too commercial in Australia as well as a concern I have for the homogenising of cultures. While generations of children and adults in many countries have enjoyed the customs of Halloween it has only been in the last few years that Australians have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. I like to believe Australia as well as other countries have their own customs and rituals. However through the forces of globalisation what was traditionally ours and theirs is proving difficult to keep separate and the lines are becoming blurred as we fight harder to articulate our national identity. I want us to keep hold of our uniqueness and have a genuine concern that in the quick growth of  globalisation there is a threat that we lose what it means to be Australian. Enough of my opinion and on to the polish.

This beauty was brought out by Gloss 'N Sparkle for Halloween but I had to buy it as it is just the prettiest green. Teemed with the colourful glitters and the awesome neon hexes and stars - I just love it. I am wearing two coats, this was very easy to apply and involved no fishing for any glitter.

If you celebrate Halloween enjoy! I have nothing against anyone who does, I just prefer not to :).

Moonstone Nail polish - Time Child and New Romantic review

There's nothing I love more than an Australian Indie and I am super excited to be sharing a new brand with you. Moonstone Nail Polish is the brain child of Caitlin and is inspired by her love of  music, Harry Potter and Doctor Who. The name Moonstone comes from Harry Potter where moonstone is the key ingredient in several love polishes.

I have two polishes to share today. The first one is Time Child, a pretty polish that can look navy blue or purple depending on the light. It has holographic hex glitters in various sizes which add depth and a wow factor. It has great pigmentation and applied well, with no fishing for the larger glitter. I am wearing two coats with HK girl top coat.

Time child is available at Moonstone Nail Polish and is priced at 9.50 for a 12ml bottle.

In direct sunlight

The second polish I have to share is New Romantic. New Romantic is a glitter topper with white hearts that are iridescent as well as white and gold hex glitter and pink/gold flakies. I adore this polish and while I'm normally not a fan of love hearts in a polish these are so subtle it just works. I am wearing piCture pOlish Tiffany as a base colour and dabbed two coats of New Romantic over the top. I placed my bottle upside down for an hour before use and had minimal fishing for the love hearts. I love gold glitter toppers and this one is extra special with the addition of the hearts.

New Romantic is available at Moonstone Nail Polish and is priced at 9.50 for a 12ml bottle.

You can also follow Caitlin on Instagram @moonstonenailpolish

These polishes were provided for review, this does not change the way I write about them.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Explosion nail art - Zoya Tangy, Kelly and Trixie

Today I tried out Nailside's tutorial on explosion nails. I didn't want mine uniform so changed patterns a bit, I love the finished look! The green is gorgeous and is Zoya Tangy, the dark grey is Zoya Kelly and the silver is Zoya Trixie. Go and look at the tutorial and give it a go. It's a little fiddly but worth it :)

Have a fabulous day, T

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wave of Polish - last pregnancy and infant loss mani

It's the last Tuesday of the month so it's the last wave of polish - Pregnancy and Infant Loss mani I will do for the year. I hope that the wave of polish will make a comeback next year to continue to raise awareness and to allow parents to share their story. I have shared very little here about my own experiences, it's nail blog, but losing our Princess Grace is also a large part of who I am, the person behind the nails. So I want to share you my precious baby girl's foot and hand prints and a poem I wrote for her. We miss her every single day, time builds scar tissue around the wound but the wound is at times knocked again and the enormity of what we lost washes over us.

Little Fingers

Those little fingers that prodded and poked
will never be mine to hold
never for me to be wrapped around
never to turn the pages as stories are told.

The little eyes I never saw opened
will never hold mine in a stare
will never sparkle with laughter
will never show what the soul bears.

The little lips that I gazed upon
never to be pursed for a kiss
will never know a smile
while mine talk of what I miss.

The teeny little feet
never to run away from me
will never feel sand, water or grass
or play five little piggys with glee.

The photos that I'm left with
share these joys of you with me
but they also show me just so much
of what can never nor will ever be.

Written by Grace's Mummy 2007

The polishes used are OPI - Mod About You and Cate Ruby Sky.

Remember to hugs your loved ones tight, Tx

Monday, October 28, 2013

piCture pOlish - Sea Jewel review

Today's piCture pOlish polish is Sea Jewel and this is my absolute favourite polish I've reviewed so far. An exquisite sea green glitter, Sea Jewel makes you look at your nails all day. Glitters like this one aren't as readily available as some of the other finishes and as I adore micro glitters this is a fantastic addition to my stash. I had problems capturing the beauty of the glitter and the above photo is the most accurate to the shiny sea green beauty that is Sea Jewel. I didn't use a base colour and am wearing 2 coats of Sea Jewel. It applied like a dream and smoothed over just beautifully with top coat. I'd love to see more of these glitters available as they add a spectacular wow factor to your nails. Me being me meant I had to add a little nail art. I didn't want to over power the beauty of Sea Jewel so added a black accent nail with white and Sea Jewel dots. I love the finished look and just know I will be getting a lot of wear from Sea Jewel over summer.

piCture pOlish have provided this polish to me for review, to grab some for yourself go to piCture pOlish On-line Store.

To explore the wonderful world of piCture pOlish follow these links

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zoya - Dream

Another Zoya to share today, this one is from their current collection and is simply amazeballs! The whole Zoya Holiday 2013 Zenith collection is something special and I can't wait for the rest of the collection to arrive. Zoya dream is an amazing regal blue, packed full of scattered holo it is very much like Aurora, Storm and Blaze from last year's Holiday Collection. It applied beautifully and I have used two coats. It looks great in the photos but it is 100% prettier in person. The camera just can't capture the amazing sparkles that capture the light. I am in love!

Have a fabulous Sunday, Tx.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celestial Cosmetics - Sons of Anarchy - Nomad, Crow Eater and Pentzburg Beer

Today the Sons of Anarchy Collection is available for you to buy!! 

Head over to Celestial Cosmetics to buy them for yourself now!

I had to share the last of the swatches the jelly glitters. This gorgeous red one is called Nomad. Nicki explains a Nomad -
"Is a club member who does not belong to any specific charter, yet has privileges in all charters.  As the name implies, the Nomads will go anywhere to take care of business and is know to be very dangerous.
Thinking of the danger side of this group, I have created a red jelly with cherry red hex and dots with burgundy micro glitter."

This polish is gorgeous and here I am wearing it over Zoya Sooki. The micro glitter and large circles make it a stand out and it adds a real wow factor to your nails. The colour is sublime. There was a little fishing for glitter but Nicki has corrected this before making the collection available of you. I personally just love this colour, it's a true red and left no staining!! Super important when wearing red. Nomads is available at $9.95

This is Crow Eater and as Nicki describes a Crow eater is "A female who hangs around or sleeps with members of SAMCRO.  I have made a midnight blue jelly for these ladies with ocean blue hex and dots with dark blue micro glitter". Again the colour!! It is gorgeous, this blue is just amazing! The large circles and micro glitter give the polish depth. I have layered two coats here over Zoya Tallulah. Again there was some fishing for the larger pieces but this problem has been fixed as well as it can be. Remember large glitter will always sink, it's gravity so I recommended turning upside down any polish that has large glitter in it for as long as possible before use. Crow Eater is $9.95 and you are sure to be delighted.

Lastly in this glitter trio is Pentzburg Beer. Nicki tells that Pentzburg beer is "The fictional beer drunk by the club members.  Represented by a yellow/gold jelly with gold dots of various sizes and micro gold holo glitter". I tried two techniques with this one and I honestly love them both.  For the first 2 photos I layered the polish over Zoya Goldie and the last 3 I used 2 coats of the polish on it's own. This is truly a unique polish and sure to have you staring at your nails all day. The sheer look has visible nail line that I'm not a huge fan of but with this polish it works. Pentzburg Beer is $9.95.

These polishes were provided for review, this does not change the way I write about them. Nicki is also one of those amazing creators that is more than happy to take feedback and correct anything before it is made available to you.


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