Monday, September 2, 2013

piCture pOlish - Mad Magenta

I love a fun bright color and Mad Magenta is a crazy beautiful colour. Now I'm not a pink girl but I do really like this shade. I love that it has blue undertones and its brightness makes it fun to wear. Mad Magenta dries with a rubbery finish that I just love! First photo below shows the finish, it's fun and something a little different. It also puts it into the class of polish that I can grab for a quick colour change and be happy with it on it's own. 

It is also beautiful with top coat and below I've used HK girl top coat. It turns super glossy and just as pretty as the rubber finish.

I used two coats of Mad Magenta and the formula was fantastic, smooth and applied easily. Now I had to add some art to my nails and I adore how it turned out. 

It's the perfect polish for some fun leopard print and gold compliments the pink perfectly. I used China Glaze Passion for the gold dot shapes and China Glaze I'm not Lion for the gold glitter on my ring finger. A perfect polish for Spring and to encourage the warm weather along.

piCture pOlish have provided this polish to me for review, to grab some for yourself go to piCture pOlish On-line Store.

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Have a fantastic week, Tx


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