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  1. Hiya I love the Sea Siren posts. Lovely colours and Aussie too! I was wondering I u've tried their base and top coats and if so what u thought of them, especially the fast dry topcoat? Let me know cause I'd love to take advantage of their sale!
    Thanks MichellešŸ’œ

    1. Sorry Michelle, only just found this. I have used their fast dry top coat and while it's not as quick as Seche Vite it still is pretty fast and very glossy.

  2. I just read your little "about me" blurb and it's like it was written about me haha
    I'm 42, a Melbournite (kinda- down Rye way now) and have started obsessing over nail polish more and more over the last year or so- I suspect mid life crisis might be a part of it ;)
    I think your blog is great and I really enjoy reading about Aussie nail fiends, in part because ohh pretty, it gives me more etsy shops to "favourite" and I can use nail blogs to justify more polish because, in comparison, my collection is small (it's not a very convincing argument but hey, a gal's gotta try).
    Anyway, keep on swatching- you do a really good job :)
    Em (skram amme)

  3. What is a dotting tool please?

  4. Are the Fellowship lotr collections still available?


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