Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Body Image Awareness

This week is Body Image Awareness week. Eating disorders and poor body image present a huge problem for both males and females across Australia and it is an issue that is often kept a closely guarded secret by sufferers. Body Image Awareness Week in September aims to raise awareness of these health threatening conditions and take the opportunity to celebrate our bodies - unique, diverse, strong and beautiful! Taken from here. A few of us Australian nail artists are posting manis this week to show our support and raise awareness. Personally body image confidence has finally found me in my early 40's, it's a gift I wish I could give to so many young girls. Just remember whatever size you are there is only one gorgeous unique you and you are beautiful!!

I used Essie Using My Maiden Name and Turquoise and Caicos for this look.

Be yourself and love it!! Tx


  1. This is a really pretty mani and a great cause.

    1. It is a wonderful cause and I'm really pleased to see such causes out there supporting all.


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