Friday, May 30, 2014

NOTD - Zoya Toni skittlette

Hello everyone, it's been a really cold night here, I hope you all stay warm wherever you are. I love winter but I also love to hate winter, and where I live is one of the coldest areas in Australia. One bonus to the colder weather is to be able to drag out the deeper darker colours. For today I have Zoya Toni in a gorgeous rich deep red on my index and pinkie, my middle finger is a England Merlin and I stamped with China Glaze Awaken and a Messy Mansion plate MM06. Now some nail people don't like the word skittlette, I'm not really fussed one way or another but it is handy to have a name for a look. A skittlette comes from the word skittle that we talked about early but instead of every nail being different usually at least two are the same. I know, right, you learn something new everyday :)

Hope you have a great day, Tx.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

NOTD - Zoya Natty Flower Moons

Good morning! Here's what I'm wearing on my nails today. The dusty deep blue is Zoya Natty, I just love  the whole Zoya Designer collection this is from <3. The design idea was taken from who took it from I used a nail art brush and white nail polish for the petals and my accent nail and half moons are OPI Honey Ryder. I kind of wish I'd make the flower centres less half moons and more circular flower centres ... but I still like the overall look.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Tx

Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Drama Sheen, Bait Me, Slick Black, Pearly Whites, Sparks Fly and Make Waves

Hey everyone, today I'm bringing six of the new Sally Hansen polishes to share with you. 

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour is formulated with an Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen. It is a carefully balanced blend of solvents and colour solids that work synergistically for high impact colour and maximum shine. It delivers Triple Shine benefits via:

-The Gloss-Tech Brush designed specifically to apply the Triple Shine formula. It lays down
polish smoothly and evenly to form a glass-like, flawless finish that maximizes lasting shine –
and looks “just applied” for days

- An exclusive complex of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for daily defense from water, detergent
and every day wear plus Sea Kelp and Panthenol for maximum hydration

- Guanine, a natural crushed pearl

The colours and finishes offered in this new formula are really great and I have a great selection to share with you. The formula was generally  great on all of them. Some were a little sheer and needed more coats and I found the glitter one I had didn't build in opacity so I added a base colour. Number of coats etc is listed below photos.

First is Drama Sheen, a mauve with a strong pink shimmer running through it. It has a pearl finish and is soft and feminine. I used 3 coats here and probably could have done with 4, the formula was a little thin.

This light grey is Bait Me, it's just off being white with a hint of grey throughout that I really like. I am wearing two coats.

 Slick Black is third and this is a great deep black with a strong shimmer. I am wearing two coats.

Number four is Pearly whites which is a topper full of iridescent shards and glitter. I added one coat over  Slick Black. It plays beautifully with lights and reflects many colours.

Number five is a pretty glitter called Sparks Fly. I am wearing one coat over blue. The glitter applied well with plenty available on the brush.

Last but not least is my favourite Make Waves, a pretty duochrome that changes from turquoise blue to a goldish green. I am wearing 3 coats but imagine with a black base you would need less coats.

This photo really shows the colour shift

Sally Hansen Triple Shine is available from Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, MyChemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally. RRP $9.95
For stockists please call 1800 812 663.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Egyptian Messy Mansion Stamping Plate MM32 review

Hello everyone. Today I have two designs using the Messy Mansion Egyptian themed stamping plate MM32. The first one I couldn't go past using black and gold. All of the images stamped cleanly and were etched out beautifully. The black and gold Egyptian patterns looked stunning and I really enjoyed wearing this mani :).

For the second design I tried my hand at lead lighting a technique made possible by Messy mansion where you create a stain glass effect by filling in the stamping lines with jelly polishes. I don't have any lead light polishes yet so I used OPI sheer tints and Zoya High Gloss sheers. The OPIs were really horrible to work with in this technique. They became very stringy and just didn't want to play. The Zoyas were better but with just 3 colours it limits what you can do so I will be buying some lead light polishes soon. I don't love or hate this design , the stamped images are great, my colouring in is not so flash. I think it's not too bad for a first try and I do love the idea of the lead light technique so will keep practising :).

There are still so many more options on this plate that I didn't use.
You can pick up this plate and many other stamping plates and accessories at the Messy Mansion website and keep up with the latest news on their Facebook page

This product was sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya Neutrals Skittle

Hello :). I'm back with more Zoya Neutrals again, I'm still totally in love with these colours and find them perfect for autumn. I am taking part in Crumpet's SIMPLES - Nail Art from Muggle to Mastery and it's good to get back to basics. I completed my plain skittle as you will see below and just couldn't help myself adding something to it. It's not really the meaning behind the challenge but I just can't help myself. The base colours are Zoya Odette on my index, Zoya Rue on my middle finger, Zoya Chantal on my ring finger and Zoya Normani on my pinkie. I then went for an abstract diagonal french tip, The index finger has Zoya Brigitte as the main colour of the french tip and Chantal as dots, the middle has Odette as the main colour and Brigitte as dots, my ring finger has Rue as the main colour and Odette for the dots and my pinkie has Chantal as the main colour and Rue for the dots. I love how well these colours work together. Hope you enjoy the look.

Have a great day, Tx.

Monday, May 26, 2014

AN Monday theme - Disney - Olaf from Frozen nail design

Good morning :) This week's AN Monday theme is Disney and I just can't go past the super cute Olaf from Frozen. I did attempt him once before but I wasn't happy with how it came out so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try again. For this look I did a base colour of Cate Ruby Sky on all my nails. For my index, middle and pinkie fingers I then sponged Cate Ruby Night Star to the base and Zoya Serephina to the tips. I stamped with white snowflakes and added a coat of Zoya Mosheen over the design. Then I top coated it to finish. For Olaf I used white polish and a black Barry M nail art pen. His nose is Zoya Thandie and his eyebrows and hair are Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme. He turned out much better this time! Hope you enjoy this look.

Have a fabulous week, Tx.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

NOTD - Zoya Normani and Catrice Minter Wonderland polka dot skittle

Hey everyone! I have a dot skittle on my nails today in brown and mint green. I just love these colours together and think they are perfect together for the autumn weather we've been having. One day I need to do a post with all the nail terms, for today this is a skittle as every nail is different to the other. Usually skittles will be different colours but as long as every nail is different it's officially called a skittle :). The brown is Zoya's Normani and the mint green is Catrice Minter Wonderland. This was my first time using a Catrice polish and I was impressed with the great formula. There's something about this look that makes me want a hot chocolate and curl up in front of the heater :).

Enjoy your Sunday, Tx

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Emily de Molly - Love Triangle

Good morning everyone! As you know I'm a huge Emily de Molly fan and am always so excited when there are new releases. This beauty - Love Triangle is a new one that was available just before Emily de Molly shut down for maternity leave. As with all Emily de Molly polishes the colour combinations are just spectacular. This has matte pastel glitter with matte white glitter. I have painted one coat over Sea Siren Tranquillity. I love glitters but bore from them quickly, this is definitely a glitter I didn't want to take off, it's so pretty, soft and feminine.

Have a lovely relaxing Saturday, Tx

Friday, May 23, 2014

Leopard accent nail

Morning everyone. It's Friday here, thank god for Fridays :). Today I have a simple nail art that adds a great look when worn as an accent. The gorgeous blood red is Pirate's Blood by Sea Siren. The gold on my ring finger is Pretty Pots Polish Winged Chariot. I added some dots that I made irregular with my dotting tool to achieve the leopard spot shape. Then it's just a matter of going around the sides of the spots with black, I usually outline two sides and sometimes do a U around a spot but really it's up to personal preference how you do them. I use a nail art brush for the black but have also used a small dotting tool before and it worked well. So as easy as that you can have a stunning accent nail. I hope you enjoyed this look.

Have a fabulous Friday, Tx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted by OPI - Kermit Me To Speak and Let's Do Anything We Want! swatches and review

OPI announces the launch of eight new limited edition nail lacquers inspired by Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted. With an all-star cast including Kermit the Frog, Constantine, Ricky Gervais,
Miss Piggy, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey and the whole Muppet gang, this family comedy is directed by James Bobin and written by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller.

Today I have two of these polishes to share with you, I adored the Muppets when I was growing up so I was super excited to swatch these for you. I have to say that both look so much nicer on the nail than they did in the bottle! I love it when that happens :)

Firstly is Kermit Me To Speak, Kermit was always my favourite <3. This polish is a super pretty duochrome that shifts from a dusty pink to a gold green and in certain lights a taupey brown appears. I couldn't stop moving my fingers around to watch the colours and while I'm not a pink lover this just works. Application was easy and I am wearing two coats.

Here you can see the pink and the change at the cuticle to green/gold

Showing all green/gold

another peek at the shift

a glimpse of the taupey brown

The second polish I have to share is Let's Do Anything We Want! This is a dusty pink and white matte glitter, there is small pink and white glitter and matte white squares. The glitter payoff is great and application was easy. I am wearing one coat over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and in the last photo over OPI Don't Bossa Nova me Around.

Muppets Most Wanted by OPI is Available now in selected MYER, David Jones stores and selected salons nationally.
RRP $19.95 – All shades
RRP $24.95 – Mini Pack
RRP $24.95 – Full size duo pack

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.


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