Monday, September 16, 2013

piCture pOlish - Electric Blue Review

Today I have piCture pOlish's Electric Blue to share with you. Electric Blue is a gorgeous rich navy blue but has a shimmer of bright cobalt blue in certain lights that give it an extra wow factor. It applies beautifully and has a gorgeous shine to it. I used two coats of Electric Blue, however if you carefully apply the first coat the pigment in the polish is enough to wear as a one coater.  I decided to pair it with a vibrant orange in Zoya Amy as there is something about navy and orange that I just love. I used pre-cut decal to guide in painting the zigzag/chevron on my ring finger and painted some rhinestones to match. It's a simple look but with the contrast of the navy - bright cobalt and orange it looks great and eye catching.

 This is a fabulous navy blue to add to your collection as the bright blue shimmer adds a gorgeous wow factor.

piCture pOlish have provided this polish to me for review, to grab some for yourself go to piCture pOlish On-line Store.

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