Friday, July 31, 2015

What a Girl Wants collection – collaboration with Ella Ann Cosmetics and Grace-full Nail Polish

This is the What a Girl Wants collection – collaboration with Ella Ann Cosmetics and I. This collection will release on tonight at 7pm AEST at Grace-full Nail Polish and Friday 31st at 9pm Eastern at Ella Ann Cosmetics. Six Ella Ann girls were chosen to have their inspiration picture used to make a polish. Then there is one designed by Kristen and one from me, so 8 polishes in total. The Inspiration pics are in the collages.

Dark Orchid  a linear Radiant Orchid coloured holo with violet flakies

Deeply in Luxe – a linear light coral leaning to champagne colour holo with pops of rainbow pearl flecks throughout

Chuck’s Berry – a hot pink linear holo with darker hot pink flecks throughout

1000 Oceans – a deep royal blue linear holo with blue sparks through it

Purplerazzi – a deep purple shimmer with bright purple sparks and navy and turquoise micro glitter

Amazonite Mermaid – a mid blue/green with pops of flakies throughout

This is my inspiration polish. it's called Red Spherical Dress – a pink red linear holo with deeper red micro flakies through it.

I cannot look at it without laughing. We were sitting around the lounge room and I was quizzing the family on what I was going to call this polish. We're all brainstorming red ideas. Hubby comes out with Red Spherical Dress, I'm like what? He repeated and said you know the kind you find at a second hand store. I'm still going what on earth are you talking about?? He says you know the song and sings 'red spherical dress, the kind you find from a secondhand store' now hopefully you aren't all too young to know the artist formerly known as Prince and know he was actually singing Raspberry Beret with his very own lyrics!! I laughed til I cried and Red Spherical Dress the polish was born

Stop the Show – This is Kristen's the name behind Ella Ann Cosmetics inspiration polish. This polish comes with a tint. The main polish is a bright pink with micro silver flakies through out. To make it more versatile we decided to add a bottle of red tint, when you place one coat over the main polish you have a new super red polish. 


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