Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zoya Naturels Blobbicure

I'm sorry I haven't been around much and I'm not sure I'll be posting daily over the coming months but I'll try to post as often as I can. On Sunday we became one of the statistics when it was discovered my Mother has cancer. We don't know a lot about it yet as they have just started testing but obviously my mind has been elsewhere. We're all hoping and praying for the best outcome and hopefully when we have more news it will be good. I do adore my nail art though and in a lot of ways it's great therapy time for me so I won't disappear all together. Plus a huge bonus is that it gives me something to do in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

Onto the nails, I've since discovered that this technique is also called a blobbicure. A tad of a strange name but it does make sense. I decided to try it out on the Zoya Naturels collection. I used Aubrey on my index and pinkie. The base of the blob nails is OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, then I added Zoya, Madeline, Aubrey, Marney and Brigitte. It's not perfect but it's a lot of fun if you don't mind waiting a looooong time for your nails to dry.

I hope wherever you are that your week has been great, Tx.

Review Liz Cosmetics Nail Polish

Today I'm happy to introduce you to a new Australian Indie Polish Lyz Cosmetics. Lyz Cosmetics are based in Melbourne and you can find them on Facebook, instagram @lyzcosmetics and their online shop Lyz Cosmetics . I have seven polishes to show you so grab a cuppa and have a browse :).

This is Fresh Meadows, a great spring light green with a pearlised finish. Nice formula, and builds to opacity at three coats.

Second is Mineral Ash a white reflective pearl polish. I really like that this has a strong reflection in colour that makes it look like a mother of pearl finish. I used three coats to reach opacity.

Modest Maroon is a very reactive thermal polish. The cool colour is gorgeous in a coral/watermelon colour, it changes to a light peach with heat. Great formula and I wore two coats provided great coverage.

above is the best I could get the shift to show

Wonderous Megastar is a dark gold pearl polish, a good colour for spring and the warmer months. The formula was good and it took two coats to cover the nails fully.

Alluring Sakura is a soft and feminine crelly with glitter. With a shimmering white base there are purple dots, pastel hearts and black and purple tiny glitter pieces throughout. I am wearing two coats with some visible nail line.

Azure Wings is a showstopper glitter topper. In a clear base this polish is packed with small glitters in teal, gold, silver and black. I am wearing one dabbed coat over a black base. The formula was great and the glitter was easy to use.

Lastly is Spring Blossom another pearlised polish in a soft baby pink. I know that my Mum will just adore how soft and pretty this polish looks. The formula was good and I used three coats to reach opacity.

You can purchase these polishes from Lyz Cosmetics at a price range of $7.95 to $9.25. Lyz Cosmetics also stock some gorgeous jewellery.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aussie Nails Monday - them nerd/geeky - Big Bang Theory nails

I do love the TV show The Big Bang Theory so couldn't wait to try out a design. I copied most of the clothing off my son's t-shirt. Raj didn't go quite according to plan, there's always one isn't there? The rest I love and hope they are recognisable, just in case my Index is Sheldon, middle finger is Howard, ring is Raj, pinkie is Leonard and my thumb is Soft Kitty. I just had to do Soft Kitty as I adore it!! I do not hold any hope for being a great freehand nail artist but I was happy with how these came out :).

Enjoy your Monday, mine's nearly over and I had a bad case of Mondayitis.Tx

Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish and Nail Vinyls Blog/Insta Fest 2014

Welcome to Blog/Insta Fest 2014!

This year's Blog fest is in two parts and for the first part I have a swatch of a collaboration polish to share with you. I was given Shy Violet to swatch, a collaboration with Glam Polish.

Shy Violet is a pretty deep violet shade with holographic sparkles throughout. The sparkles dance in the sunlight and the colour is bright and fun. I used three thin coats to reach an opacity I was happy with and the polish dried quickly and well with a matte finish. I added one layer of top coat to add gloss and protection.

Part 2 of Blog fest

I was sent Totes and Chillax as well as Nail Vinyls in a zigzag pattern from Nail Vinyls, what I did with them was up to me. You've seen me use the nail vinyls before and know of my love for zigzags so just to be different this time I decided to do them on an angle and create an accent finger. To start I painted all my nails with Totes, some say it's yellow but I think Totes verges on the orange side of a yellow creme. I added top coat and allowed it to dry. I then placed my vinyl on an angle and added two together for the wider look on my accent nail. Then it was simply a matter of painting over my whole nail vinyls included, with Chillax an awesome mid pastel blue/green creme and using tweezers to carefully remove the vinyls while my polish was still wet. I wasn't sure my colours would work together but I quite like how the look turned out, Totes gives just the right amount of pop to the blue/green Chillax.

The Nail Vinyls can be found through the following links


You can find piCture pOlish at

International Stockists:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Purple flowers and zigzag nail art

Spring is just around the corner here, I cannot wait! Spring is my favourite season and I love the flowers, the weather and daylight savings. I did a bit of a combo design with a dark winter colour and a little pop of lighter colours in the flowers and middle finger base colour. The purple is Rimmel Midnight Rendezvous, the lilac base on my middle finger is one I made myself and the pink flowers are Kester Black Fairy Floss. The flowers were created with my dotting tool and I used vinyl decals for the zigzags.

I hope wherever you are the weather is being nice to you, Tx

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Drip and Spread Lava Lamp design

I tried out a new technique today - I'm not 100% sure of the name but I followed this tutorial by MaCe2682 who has named it the drip and spread Lava Lamp design. In applying over wet polish the colours blend in to each other and I love how it looks all interconnected as a final result. It was a really simple tutorial to follow, the worst part was waiting for it to dry. I used a black base and Rimmel 60 seconds Do Not Disturb, Don't be Shy and Midnight Rendezvous. This look requires opaque polishes, so any coat polish you own would be perfect to use. I hope you all have a try of this as it was easy and looks great.

Have a happy Thursday, Tx

My collaboration polish with Celestial Cosmetics - Bay of Rainbows (picture heavy)

I'm super excited to share with you today my polish made in collaboration with Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics. In trying to decide on a polish I was really stuck between wanting a galaxy in a bottle and having green. If you've been around awhile you know I adore green. We did a couple of different prototypes as I thought I wanted some things but they just didn't look right. In the end we decided on Bay of Rainbows as it is the name of the ocean on the moon. It allowed me to have my gorgeous green as I decided a celestial ocean must be shades of gorgeous blues and greens. This is our end result and I am in love.

The colour is perfect, the squishy jelly finish is perfect and every glitter is perfect. There are stars and lots of dots in different sizes as well as teeny tiny glitter. You can view it as a galaxy or an ocean, for the ocean we have star fish, bubbles and teeny granules of sand ;). Can you tell I'm good at twisting my husband into allowing me to buy things? lol. I am wearing two dabbed coats here with two coats of top coat.

This polish will be released as part of the Swatchers Collaboration Collection on Friday night at 7pm. Don't forget to go to Celestial Cosmetics to buy yours and see the other marvellous creations. Celestial Cosmetics offers International shipping so no one has to miss out :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoya Naturals 2 nail art

I'm so happy Zoya has brought out a new Naturals collection, I get so much wear out of the earlier collection. In today's design I am using three shades and I love them all. The darkest colour is Marney, the slightly lighter colour is Aubrey and the lightest is Madeline. I used Zoya Taylor as a base for the design on my middle fingers. I am in love with these colours and they compliment the earlier set perfectly. As always they apply like a dream. There's something about Zoya's formula I just love, you rarely need a lot of coats and the polish is light on the nail with a kind of plastic feel. Zoya is definitely my favourite mainstream brand and I'm yet to be disappointed in a collection.

 Have a fab day, Tx


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