Friday, June 26, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Ice Princess Collection

This is the Ice Princess Collection, inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. All polish names are from quotes in the movie. I loved making this collection as the colour palette is just gorgeous, I'm also a little besotted with a certain snowman :). I will release this collection on Friday 26th June at 7pm AEST

Beautifuler – a deep pink jelly with ultra fine pink holographic glitter and iridescent violet glitter.

Do the Magic! – a deep blue shimmer that shifts to violet 

Little Baby Unicorn – a mauve and pink super holographic micro glitter with violet holo microglitter in a crelly base.

Open Door – a linear mauve holo with violet flakies  👑❄

Break the Frozen Heart – a glacial blue linear holo that shifts to turquoise green

Strike for love – an aqua holo with blue flakies throughout

Queen Arendelle – a Turquoise green crelly with shifting colour from gold to blue to green flecks

The Sky’s Awake – a Turquoise green and sea green holographic microglitter in a jelly base.

My Own Personal Snow Flurry – an off white crelly with black, orange, silver and blue microglitter with silver ultrafine holographic  glitter, iridescent glitter and silver holo hexes.

Ice Crazy – a grey crelly with a hint of blue throughout, ultra fine silver holographic glitter, iridescent tiny glitters and little flecks of mauve and blue.

Magical Snowflakes – ise a bonus polish in this collection for those buying 4 polishes or more. It has a translucent base  and is full of iridescent in rainbow and purple - blue shift glitter with white snowflakes

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Inklings collection - a collaboration with Powder Perfect and Grace-full Nail Polish

The Inklings collection is a collaboration with Powder Perfect and Grace-full Nail Polish based on the works of J R R Tolkien. There are 8 polishes in total and these are my four. Preorder is open now and closes on Friday. The whole collaboration is available from our US stockist Ella Ann Cosmetics as well as Grace-full Nail Polish and Powder Perfect.

Where the Gods Dwell
Based on the place Valinor
Behold, Valinor is built, and the Gods dwell in peace.
J.R.R. Tolkien The Book of Lost Tales chp 4
Where the Gods Dwell is a subtle linear holo that shifts from a periwinkle blue to violet, it has sparks of pink and blue

Mount Fang 

A name for the tower of Orthanc A picturesque name for Orthanc, the citadel of the Wizard Saruman. 'Mount Fang' translates Orthanc's name as if it were Elvish, but the meaning 'Cunning Mind' was also possible if the name is interpreted in the old language of the Rohirrim.

Mount Fang is a deep charcoal based linear holo with red and gold sparks of colour throughout The red represents the evil within the tower from Saruman’s relationship Sauron. The gold represents the power of The One Ring.

The lights in the party tree

Inspired by my favourite of all Tolkien’s fictional places The Shire.

Frodo Baggins: I can see the Shire. The Brandywine River, Bag End, Gandalf's fireworks, the lights in the party tree. 
Samwise Gamgee: Rosie Cotton dancing. She had ribbons in her hair. If ever I was to marry someone, it would have been her. [sobs] It would have been her! 
Frodo Baggins: I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.

The lights in the party tree is a bright green microglitter full of holographic glitters with a green jelly base. There are pink, purple, blue, microglitters throughout to represent the hobbit hole doors and the flowers covering the hills.

Sunlight and Starlight

Based on the elven kingdom Lothlorien 

"Legolas told them tales of Lothlórien that the Elves of Mirkwood still kept in their hearts, of sunlight and starlight upon the meadows by the Great River before the world was grey. [...]

Sunlight and Starlight is a subtle linear holo that shifts between blue and green


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