Monday, June 30, 2014

Aussie Nails Monday - theme - recreate a mani someone else in AN has done this year - Neon zigzag nails

This week's theme was lots of fun, we have so many talented ladies in our group that the decision of which one to do was hard. I chose to take inspiration from the talented Tracy @oliviajade19 on Instagram. I used different colours and added a matte top. I'm in love with the matte look right now :). I used Kester Black French White for my base and filled in the zigzags with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (orange), Orly Neon Heat (pink), China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard (green), China Glaze Towel Boy Toy (blue) and Miss Ashleigh And It Was All Yellow. I hope you like the final result as much as I do :)

Ann - Nailovelogy or @annvsv
Astrid - @lovessweetas
Briana - @briemmara
Christinemay - @xtinemayyy or Nails at 2am
Elissa -@tenlittlenubs and Ten Little Nubs
Erin Wu -  @erinzi and Erin Zi’s Nails
Holly - @nails_by_holly
Jennifer @jennlojko
Julia - Fancy Nails and Cups of Tea
Kate - Pimped Out Nails
Kelly - @kellyskolors and Kelly's Kolors!
Lily Jinks - @lilyandjinks
Loz - Polish Patterns
Tracy - @oliviajade19
Naomi - @nadeekay and Nananaisnails
Nicki - @celestialcosmetics
Relle - @lazylacquerista or Lazy Lacquerista
Sarah Claire - @shattermeclaire or Shatter me Claire
Sylvie - @smudgedpolish
Tammy - @ohmygoshpolish
Tammy G -@lightlylacquered and Lightly Lacquered
Tara - @lokislacquer or Loki’s Lacquer
Tash Birch - @tashisdead
Theresa - @itsallaboutpolish or It's All About the Polish

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Electric You a collaboration collection from Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails

Tadaaa!! I'm so excited to bring you this bright and beautiful collection of holos. Electric You is a collaboration from Nicki, the creative genius behind Celestial Cosmetics and Sisi the brains behind color4nails. This collection is based on a play on words with Electric You coming from the Electric Zoo Festival which is an annual electronic music festival held over Labor Day weekend in New York City. These bright electric colours are synonymous with the event. Some pics below to see what I mean.

Now onto the polishes!!! Application was a breeze with all of these polishes, I wore an aqua base and no top coat.

This is Adrenaline a bright neon green and my favourite from this collection. You can see the linear holo power where the sun hits but this polish also looks fabulous in the shade. I wore 4 thin coats, 3 would have been plenty for opacity but I added one for good luck. 

Next is Singularity, now this neon purple/magenta will remain a prototype as it didn't make the grade but it was too nice to be taken out all together. Personally I had no problems with my bottle, the only very small issue was some black specks that only showed in photographs. That's a bonus for you as this beauty will be sold at $8. I am wearing 3 thin coats.

This is Inception and my second favourite. The holo force is strong in this one :) (apologies for the bad Star Wars pun). It is a really pretty neon blue, I don't always love neon blues but this is gorgeous! I am wearing 3 thin coats.

Aaaaand next is the fabulous Tantrum. A super orange neon that reminds me of Fanta  amped up a lot :) This also has fabulous holo rainbows and doesn't the holo just look so so right with neons? I am wearing 3 thin coats.

This yellow/orange neon is Trip. Fantastic name!! It has fabulous holo rainbows that dance in the sun. I am wearing three thin coats.

The last of this collection is Merge, a super bright pink neon that is just so pretty. I know another pink I like, maybe I'm coming around to pink... The holo isn't as strong in this one as others but is still definitely there as you can see in the photos. I am wearing 3 thin coats.

Sadly that's the end of the collection but wow what an awesome bright collection! The Electric You collection releases on the 1st July from Celestial Cosmetics at $12 each and Color 4 Nails .

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Electric You collection sneak peek nail art with tutorial

Hey everyone, today I wanted to show you a sneak peek of a gorgeous new collection from Celestial Cosmetics and Color4nails. They are all so vibrant and gorgeous but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow in a full review. Now to show you how I did this design I have a couple of photos below.

Firstly it's important to get your base colour on, top coated and dry before you take the next step.

Next you place the striping tape diagonally from the top right corner. Make sure to press it down firmly to stop any bleeding of the polish colours.

Next you fill in the gaps with a nail art brush. Then it's just a matter of carefully pulling off the tape, I usually wouldn't do all my nails at once as the polish dries and can cause some to come off with the tape. As you can see by the photo it doesn't really matter if you go onto the skin as it's just a matter of cleaning up with acetone and a clean-up brush. Of course it's better if you don't do it at all but it was the middle of the night when I did this so I wasn't my neatest.

I love these bright holos and can't wait to share them tomorrow! Tx

Friday, June 27, 2014

NOTD OPI Ski Teal We Drop and Solitaire Skittlette

Here's what I'm wearing today. I've only just bought OPI Ski Teal We Drop and I just love it. It's the perfect deep dark teal and has a gorgeous creme finish. I paired it in this look with OPI Solitaire a white based liquid sand with silver shimmer. I stamped with moyou Pro Plate 10 and China Glaze Awaken. I love this look, and the polishes, I'm not sure I'll want to take it off :). It's perfect for a winters day.

Yay for Friday! Tx


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