Monday, September 9, 2013

piCture pOlish Mallard review

This post is graphic heavy so that I can show you all the wonderful sides of Mallard.

I was really pleased that piCture pOlish sent me Mallard to review. It's a polish I've not been sure if I should buy or not. It's green and I love green but I was unsure of the colour base as it leans to a brownish green. I'm delighted I now have it as this polish is just so stunning in person. It has gorgeous flakies that makes it unique and special. Mallard has a green to gold shimmer finish. The flakies are so gorgeous when caught in the light you can see the bright green and copper flakies shining on your fingertips. The green has more blue undertones than I thought it did and is a pretty emerald green. It was super easy to apply, had great drying time and the flakies came out easily. I've used 3 coats here, mainly because I like to use 3 coats. Mallard, is a beautiful polish with extra pop coming from the flakies. Flakies and green, two of my favourite things and I now wonder why I didn't pick it up earlier.

I couldn't leave it as a plain swatch, even though Mallard is gorgeous on it's own. I decided to pick up the bronze and bright green in a colour block mani. I used EmilydeMolly High Distinction as base, the bright green is Cult Nails Deal with it and the bronze is Goddess by piCture pOlish. My inspiration for this look comes from Liloo. I taped off areas of the nail using striping tape and filled them in with polish using a nail art brush. I'm really happy with the final look and think the colours all work together, highlighting the awesomeness of Mallard. 

If you love flakies or love green you really need this polish!!

Now for more photos - all taken outside.

piCture pOlish have provided this polish to me for review, to grab some for yourself go to piCture pOlish On-line Store.

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  1. Another major stunner! I love the way you did the 2 accent nails!


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