Friday, May 22, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - The Vampire Collection

Hi girls, this is the Vampire Collection, I so excited to introduce it to you. The collection has six linear holos in deep vampy shades.This collection will be released on Friday May 22nd at 7pm at Grace-full Nail Polish and international shipping is available. Holos are $12 each. To save repeting myself I am wearing two coats in every photo.

Time to meet the polishes

This is 
The Vampire Countess - a deep pink linear holo with brown/pink flakies to add shine and pop in the shade. I am wearing two coats.

Named after - Carmilla: The Vampire Countess Mircalla Karnstein 
Another vampire given the title of mother is Carmilla. Introduced in a short story by Le Fanu, she is described as a good-looking and dangerous woman. The story is steeped in sexiness and corruption. The tale tells of a young woman swayed by the attentions of Carmilla, being seduced by her powers. Written twenty-six years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula, her story has been retold and adapted numerous times over the years. It is discovered in the tale that Carmilla is also the Vampire Countess Mircalla Karnstein. In the end, her crypt is found and she is destroyed.

in full sun

The Haunting Dead – a deep navy linear holo with Indigo flakies

Named after - Peter Plogojowitz: The Haunting Dead 
One of the famous vampires is Peter Plogojowitz. In the 1700s, a man by the name of Peter Plogojowitz died. His death was unremarkable except for the fact that he didn’t stay dead. Nine people, who all experienced hauntings by Peter in their dreams, died within ten weeks of his death. Peter’s own son reported seeing him before dying mysteriously. His wife took off, claiming he had come to her one night demanding a pair of shoes. Authorities exhumed his body to find him allegedly breathing and his eyes moving. As they thrust a stake into his heart, blood gushed out and he burst into flames. Right after, all the unexplained deaths ended.

in full sun

Vampire of New England – a deep teal linear holo with turquoise flakie
Named after - The Vampire of New England
While sightings of vampires in the United States are rarely mentioned, there is record of a few early cases in New England. The most famous of the tales is the story of Mercy Brown. Mercy died from tuberculosis, which was a common ailment in the 1700s. Afterwards, her family began to take ill, each dying one right after the other. Locals dug up Mercy’s body to find it in pristine condition, especially considering the amount of time it had been in the ground. Fearing the works of a vampire, they burned it.

in full sun

Vlad III: The Tyrant – love this one a deep burgundy linear holo with brown/pink flakies

Named after - Vlad III: The Tyrant 
Vlad III the Tyrant, one of the famous vampires, was also known as Vlad the Impaler. A descendent of the Dracul family and son of Vlad II, he was often referred as Dracula. He earned his reputation through his practice of torturing his enemies and then killing them by impalement. He murdered upwards of 100,000 people, ruling Wallachia (now part of Romania) in the mid-1400s with acts of terror. Later Bram Stoker associated the name Dracula with his fictional vampire, thus creating the legend of Vlad being a creature of night as well.

in full sun

The Vampire of Groglin Grange – brown linear holo with brown/pink flakies

Named after - Vampire of Groglin Grange
Back in the 1800s, the Cranwell family moved into Groglin Range in Cumbria. Almost immediately, the lady of the house began noticing strange lights outside and just below her bedroom. One night, she woke up to the lights glaring at her. She realized then that they were not wandering lights, but the eyes of a vampire. The creature of the night broke through her window and wounded her in the neck, causing her to bleed profusely. As she screamed for help, her brothers ran to her just in time to see a figure leap from the room. They pulled out their pistols and shot at it. They tracked the vampire to the local graveyard. Finding an open crypt, they found a rotten corpse amongst gnawed bones and bearing a fresh bullet wound. They promptly destroyed it by setting it on fire.

in full sun

Last but not least
Queen of the Damned – super deep purple linear holo with brown/pink flakies

Named after - Akasha: Queen of the Damned 
Queen Akasha came alive through the works of Anne Rice and her world-famous vampire tales. In the story of Lestat, a vampire with a flair for rock music, she was introduced as the first mother of all vampires. She takes him as her lover, killing the king so Lestat can rule by her side. Queen Akasha devises a plan to overtake the world, killing any human or vampire that attempts to stand in her way. She was eventually killed when a group of vampires turn on her. They all viciously suck blood from her at the same time, with one taking on the fate of draining the last drop and turning into stone.

in full sun

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ella Ann Cosmetics Grace-full Nail Polish Bright holos

Today I have a chance to show you the bright holo collection. They're available through Ella Ann Cosmetics and they ship worldwide. As I like to keep to seasonal collections this will be available in the Grace-full Nail Polish site later in the year.

Orange Tang – a citrus summer orange linear holo with red/gold flakies that give it a gold sheen and pop in the shade.

Blueberry Bubbles – a linear bright mid blue with hot pink, navy and electric blue flakies. The flakies give it a fabulous pop and make the polish still look gorgeous in the shade as well as the sun.

Purple Ripple – a purple linear holo with hot pink and violet flakies that add a fun pop of colour that make the polish just as pretty in the shade as in the sun.

Dark Violet Fizz - dark violet linear holo with violet flakies that stop it being so dull in the shade by giving a pop of violet throughout the polish.

Berry Buzz - A red/pink berry coloured linear holo with flakies for pop in the shade.

Lime Splash – a lime linear holo with green-gold flakies which gives a subtle golden shimmer.

Magenta Sparks - a magenta linear holo with blue flakies which leave a subtle blue sheen


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