Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya Neutrals Skittle

Hello :). I'm back with more Zoya Neutrals again, I'm still totally in love with these colours and find them perfect for autumn. I am taking part in Crumpet's SIMPLES - Nail Art from Muggle to Mastery and it's good to get back to basics. I completed my plain skittle as you will see below and just couldn't help myself adding something to it. It's not really the meaning behind the challenge but I just can't help myself. The base colours are Zoya Odette on my index, Zoya Rue on my middle finger, Zoya Chantal on my ring finger and Zoya Normani on my pinkie. I then went for an abstract diagonal french tip, The index finger has Zoya Brigitte as the main colour of the french tip and Chantal as dots, the middle has Odette as the main colour and Brigitte as dots, my ring finger has Rue as the main colour and Odette for the dots and my pinkie has Chantal as the main colour and Rue for the dots. I love how well these colours work together. Hope you enjoy the look.

Have a great day, Tx.

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