Friday, May 27, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics Hella Holo custom polishes

The Celestial Cosmetics custom polishes are only available for a couple more day so don't miss out! Hella Holo is a Facebook group where they have makers of the month who make custom polishes for the group

Unicorn on The Rocks is a pearly grey based holo with violet sparks and lavender flakes.
I'm wearing three coats with top coat

Dragon Wings is a deep plum colored, linear holo with a purple-green shifting shimmer and green/pink/blue/purple shifting flakes. So it is a real chameleon. I am wearing three coats with top coat.

Wings of Change is a blue green duochrome holo.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hella Holo May Releases - Grace-full Polish

We are very excited to be a part of Hella Holo this month. Hella Holo is a Facebook group where they have makers of the month who make custom polishes for the group. These are our three :) We are sharing this month with Celestial Cosmetics and I hope to share their polishes with you in the next week.

Grace-full Unicorn Lagoon - blue green holo with sparkle and multichrome flakies

Unicorn Lagoon is a blue green holo with sparkle and multichrome flakies in pink, gold, blue and purple and pink microglitter. This color was inspired by the winning photo of an amazing aurora borealis photo submitted by Tara-Marie Hall.

Grace-full Mango Sherbet - citrus orange holo with a gold shift

Mango Sorbet is a fun, citrus orange holo with a gold shift. This color was inspired by the runner up photo of a delicious popsicle treat photo submitted by Laurie Citino.

Grace-full Eternal Sunset - purple jelly with copper, gold & fuchsia flakies & holo glitter

Eternal Sunset is a purple jelly with multichrome flakies in copper, gold and fuchsia and pops of holo micro glitter in bright pink and copper. This color was inspired by a horizon photo submitted by Tracy Pask

You must be a member of the Hella Holo Customs group to order these polishes. Please join the group at

Friday, April 8, 2016

Grace-full Nail Polish - Revamp the Vamp collection

This collection is a revamp of the Vampire Collection, it has four new linear holos in deep vampy shades and three vampy jelly glitters. Vampire Countess 2.0, Queen of the Damned 2.0 and Vlad III 2.0 are still a part of the collection I just finally had time to revamp and add onto the collection. This collection will release Friday 8th April at 7pm AEST and 7pm Central

International site -

Strigon – a linear deep brown holo

Jure Grando was a peasant from Istria, Croatia who died in 1656. He allegedly terrorized villagers in the area for 16 years after his death. Official documents from that time name him a “strigon,” the local name for “vampire.”Jure Grando’s case is important in vampire folklore as it was the first time in history that the word “vampire” was officially applied to a person. According to locals, he would wander the village by night and knock people’s doors. Whoever’s door he knocked would die. When he wasn’t doing that, he was bothering his widow for sex. Eventually, people got tired of being terrorized by an undead monster, so a local priest took a stand and went out to face him. Grando was no match for the priest, who warded him off with a cross. The priest and some of the villagers chased him back to his grave, dug him up, and decapitated his corpse.

The Blood Countess – ox blood jelly with multichrome flakies in copper, gold and fuchsia

Elizabeth Bathory is perhaps the most famous vampire in history after Vlad the Impaler. But while Vlad wasn’t really a blood-sucking vampire—merely the inspiration for one—Elizabeth Bathory may have actually fed on and bathed in blood. She was a Romanian Countess in the 16th century who found joy in torturing peasants. The torture ranged from simple beatings and stabbings to piercing fingers and lips with iron nails or dousing them in freezing cold water and letting them die in the snow. Rumors that Elizabeth was a vampire began when it was alleged that she bathed in the blood of young maidens. It’s reported that she began this to reduce the effects of aging, though some historians refute this claim as being added to the story after the fact. Eventually Bathory was walled inside her castle alive, with only enough space for her to receive air and food until she died years later.

The Gorbals Vampire – deep blood red jelly with fine holographic copper glitter

This tale started with the rumor that a vampire with iron teeth was at Gorbals graveyard in Glasgow, Scotland. The vampire had apparently taken two children. Within a few hours, the graveyard was full of children with makeshift weapons like sticks and knives, hunting for the vampire. Authorities blamed the occurrence on hysteria and the influence of American comics like Tales From The Crypt. But it’s since been pointed out that there were no comics from this period featuring vampires with iron teeth. Was there some truth to the iron-toothed vampire prowling the graveyard at night and feeding on children? Was the vampire imaginary? Or had it just been scared off by the sight of dozens of armed Glaswegians excited by the prospect of beating and stabbing it back to hell?

Vampyre – deep purple jelly with clear and tiny silver holographic glitter
Only available in Australia now, is coming soon to the warehouse

The Vampyre is a short story by John William Polidori. It is based on a fragment written by Lord Byron in 1816 during a gathering of author friends who, trapped inside due to bad weather, decided to write ghost stories. At the request of a friend, Polidori wrote a complete story from the premise outlined in Byron's fragment. Without either author's prior knowledge, the story was published in the April 1819 issue of New Monthly Magazine as "The Vampyre: A Tale by Lord Byron"; despite immediate protests from both Byron and Polidori, the attribution stuck, for a well-known author such as Byron attracted a much better audience. The Vampyre was the first vampire story in English prose, and as such had a wide-ranging influence, almost singlehandedly creating the now-popular image of the vampire as an aristocratic seducer.

Ghost Vampire – deep green holo

The only thing scarier than vampires is ghosts. But imagine something scarier still: a ghost vampire. Say hello to Sava Savanovic. Sava was a Serbian vampire who lived in an old mill and fed on unwary travelers and millers who approached the mill after dark. Savanovic wasn’t killed or driven off like most of the other bloodsuckers on this list. According to locals, he simply stopped attacking villagers. Meanwhile, the mill where he lived was passed down generation after generation, each new owner too scared to repair the building until it eventually collapsed. Now locals report that he’s awoken from his long slumber and roams the Serbian countryside—looking for a new home. And it’s not just superstitious locals making these claims. The actual council themselves are the ones who put out the warning. Of course it’s probably a publicity stunt by the area’s tourist board—we hope.

Highgate Vampire – teal holo

In 1969, dead animals—completely drained of blood and sporting neck wounds—began to appear in Highgate Cemetery in London. Then witnesses reported a tall, dark figure that emitted an evil aura and had a hypnotic stare. One man reported that he became confused and totally lost when trying to leave the cemetery. Suddenly, he found himself facing the Highgate Vampire—which transfixed him, gluing him to the spot. After a while, it disappeared.Reports in the press led to the graveyard being trampled by an army of self-proclaimed vampire hunters. They dug up several graves, leading conservationists to lobby for the graveyard to be closed nights. Eventually, sightings and reports of the vampire decreased.

Alnwick Castle vampire – navy sapphire holo

The Alnwick Castle vampire actually predates the term “vampire.” The events were recorded by an English chronicler named William of Newburgh. He reported the story of a man who returned from the dead after he died while spying on his cheating wife—he was crouched on the roof and fell. He then returned as a revenant—a walking, rotting corpse—spreading plague in his wake. Eventually, a priest gathered some of his parishioners and found the vampire’s grave. They opened it and stabbed the corpse with a shovel. Warm blood ran from the body and confirmed their suspicions that it had been drinking the blood of the living (remember this was almost 800 years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula). They burned the body, and the attacks ceased.


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