Friday, May 23, 2014

Leopard accent nail

Morning everyone. It's Friday here, thank god for Fridays :). Today I have a simple nail art that adds a great look when worn as an accent. The gorgeous blood red is Pirate's Blood by Sea Siren. The gold on my ring finger is Pretty Pots Polish Winged Chariot. I added some dots that I made irregular with my dotting tool to achieve the leopard spot shape. Then it's just a matter of going around the sides of the spots with black, I usually outline two sides and sometimes do a U around a spot but really it's up to personal preference how you do them. I use a nail art brush for the black but have also used a small dotting tool before and it worked well. So as easy as that you can have a stunning accent nail. I hope you enjoyed this look.

Have a fabulous Friday, Tx


  1. Wonged Chariot looks really nice - I like it :-)

  2. Is Winged Chariot from the Powder Perfect/Pretty Pots collab collection? I've been eying it and the new Glam Polish collection.
    Anyway, it looks gorgeous and your nails look amazing as per usual <3


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