Friday, May 2, 2014

OPI Amazon...Amazoff - X nail design

I love this gorgeous teal from OPI's Brazil collection named Amazon...Amazoff. It's a pretty deep teal with a hint of shimmer. To top off the look I used Bella Belle Golden Helm and taped off areas before applying a coat of Amazon...Amazoff. I love the X design and that it adds a nice pop rather than having plain nails.

Have a fabulous Friday, Tx


  1. I was tempted by this OPI! It's so pretty and I like your design with the gold :-)

  2. Okay, that is amazingly beautiful! I have to admit I have not cared for the Brazil collection, but I am liking this teal on you something awful! And, ahhhhh, that gold - gorgeous! Wonderful photos and nails!

  3. Love this colour! Cannot wait to get a pedicure in this shade with new Birkenstocks on ^_^




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