Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's go crazy

I knew I'd have to put this one on pretty quick I love love it! It's a Deborah Lippmann and while she's at the higher end of what I'm prepared to spend every single polish I have bought has been worth every cent. They are just sublime both in ease of use especially with the ease of the spread of glitter. Let's go crazy is in a deep purple jelly base that photographed more black here but it's purple and gorgeous.

The colourful glitter pops and is hex shapes and small particles. It wasn't the easiest to remove but it was worth it.

I'm entering a couple of Christmas challenges and I'm excited and can't wait to be doing my very favourite holiday manicures.

Stay safe and have a happy Friday!
 Other nails are China Glaze - grape pop


  1. OMG, I love this. And I have wanted that Deborah Lippmann since it came out!

  2. "Let's go crazy" is my dream. Realy crazy polish) Beautiful mani!

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