Sunday, June 29, 2014

Electric You a collaboration collection from Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails

Tadaaa!! I'm so excited to bring you this bright and beautiful collection of holos. Electric You is a collaboration from Nicki, the creative genius behind Celestial Cosmetics and Sisi the brains behind color4nails. This collection is based on a play on words with Electric You coming from the Electric Zoo Festival which is an annual electronic music festival held over Labor Day weekend in New York City. These bright electric colours are synonymous with the event. Some pics below to see what I mean.

Now onto the polishes!!! Application was a breeze with all of these polishes, I wore an aqua base and no top coat.

This is Adrenaline a bright neon green and my favourite from this collection. You can see the linear holo power where the sun hits but this polish also looks fabulous in the shade. I wore 4 thin coats, 3 would have been plenty for opacity but I added one for good luck. 

Next is Singularity, now this neon purple/magenta will remain a prototype as it didn't make the grade but it was too nice to be taken out all together. Personally I had no problems with my bottle, the only very small issue was some black specks that only showed in photographs. That's a bonus for you as this beauty will be sold at $8. I am wearing 3 thin coats.

This is Inception and my second favourite. The holo force is strong in this one :) (apologies for the bad Star Wars pun). It is a really pretty neon blue, I don't always love neon blues but this is gorgeous! I am wearing 3 thin coats.

Aaaaand next is the fabulous Tantrum. A super orange neon that reminds me of Fanta  amped up a lot :) This also has fabulous holo rainbows and doesn't the holo just look so so right with neons? I am wearing 3 thin coats.

This yellow/orange neon is Trip. Fantastic name!! It has fabulous holo rainbows that dance in the sun. I am wearing three thin coats.

The last of this collection is Merge, a super bright pink neon that is just so pretty. I know another pink I like, maybe I'm coming around to pink... The holo isn't as strong in this one as others but is still definitely there as you can see in the photos. I am wearing 3 thin coats.

Sadly that's the end of the collection but wow what an awesome bright collection! The Electric You collection releases on the 1st July from Celestial Cosmetics at $12 each and Color 4 Nails .


  1. Wow this is a stunning collection! I'm drooling at all of them lol :-)

  2. Love the neon holos! Pink and green? Yes please!

  3. Amazing Neons. They are perfect! I love Singularity, too bad it didn't make it.


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