Monday, June 2, 2014

AN Monday - theme winter nail designs

Hi everyone and a special thanks to Lara for her lovely comment yesterday, it's readers like you that keep me blogging. I can't take kudos for still posting when I'm sick as it's mainly that I can't sleep so I may as well do my nails and a post for you guys :). I do get asked a lot how I find time and that's the main time that I do mine, when I wake too early or can't sleep. It's a good time as the house is quiet and I can paint and design in peace. I am always watching a tv show or movie though on the computer so it's multi tasking :D. Sorry yesterday I had no words today I'm babbling.

On to this weeks AN Monday and the winter theme. There is one thing that always happens when I'm not well and that is that nail designs never quite work out for me. I should walk away but I'm terribly stubborn. I don't not like this look but it is nothing like what I intended to do. I'm not sure how many times I redid it probably 4 or 5 before I ended up with this one. I used Kester Black French white on my index and ring finger, Bella Belle Nail Couture Anchors Away on my pinkie and my middle finger is the infamous OPI Push and Shove. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the application, I have read many people having problems but it worked really well for me. Perhaps doing a full mani would be harder but I buffed my nail before application and gave the special base coat an extra long time to dry before applying the polish. The stamping of the snowflakes is done with Essie No Place Like Chrome and plate BM-H02.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have an amazing day, Tx.

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  1. Nice the snow flakes are just so cute :-)

  2. I must say - the white and silver mani is refreshing to see and very appealing to me! Where I live (southeast Texas), we are entering our long hot, humid summer and it has already made me start missing winter! Plus, it's nice to see after all the spring/summer manicures seen over the last few months (NOT that I am complaining - I do love them and was SO ready to see them coming out after last winter!!!) And what's funny - I am wearing white and silver polishes also, just in a different way. I wasn't entirely satisfied at how mine turned out but it was nice enough. I just figure I'll be changing it out in another day or so, and let it go. And if I have one of those days where the mani is just not working for me, I take it all off and declare a Nekkid Nail Day and oil and creme them all day long! (Something [besides not having the talent for it] makes me think I don't have the necessary temperament for being a nail blogger!)

    I really do like the design you ended up with on your mani. Sometimes, manis can get just too complicated, and the more simple designs are what work best. Hahaha, 'simple' - the mere thought of getting into stamping has me running and hiding! One of these days.... :)


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