Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top 10 Australian Indie polishes of 2013

This list is my opinion of the polishes I've purchased this year and how I found them to be for me. This wasn't an easy list to make and there are a couple I had a great deal of trouble cutting out, so honorable mentions go to

 Femme Fatale Cosmetics Ruby Hare, it was the start of an incredible range of gorgeous holos from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. As Ruby Hare was the first one I tried, it's a personal favourite

Also Emily de Molly's Monet's Garden, such a gorgeous blend of glitters with a beautiful green jelly base.

No10. Hollish Nails - Murder on the Dancefloor
I adore this polish as it gives me so many options in one bottle. The sparkle has to be seen to be believed. It's amazing as an accent nail as well as having the ability to be a texture polish with no top coat and giving a similar sparkle effect of a texture polish with top coat. A must have for any collection.

No. 9 Celestial Cosmetics - Santa's Blue Balls

This one is self explanatory, the depth of the blue in this holo is amazing. It is the most beautiful blue holo I've ever seen!

No 8. - Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Fatal Attraction
Fatal Attraction came out with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Valentine collection. It's a gorgeous deep red packed full of sparkle from the scattered holo. The red leans towards pink and it's so gorgeous!

No. 7 Alanna Renee - Drink of Despair
Of course there would be green in any top 10 list I made. Drink of Despair is the perfect Emerald green glitter.

No.6 - Lilypad Lacquer - True Blood

Lilypad Lacquer bounced onto the Indie scene this year offering never seen before colours in stunning holos. True Blood is the epitome of what Lilypad Lacquers has to offer, it's rich and deep with a heavily pigmented colour in an extra strong linear holo formula. Just superb!

 No.5 Emily de Molly - Blueprint

 The photos are self explanatory with this one, it's a super amazing blue glitter it's just to die for!

No 4. - Celestial Cosmetics Mother of Dragons

This amazing multichrome came from the Game of Thrones collection. The collection included other stunning multichromes that I adore but Mother of Dragons totally won my heart. It is so rich and satiny I could drown in it :)

No. 3 - Emily de Molly The Forces

Early in the year when Emily de Molly released Cosmic Forces we were all amazed and in love with the spectacular large holo dots. Cosmic Forces was the polish that started it all and we see large holo dots in so many other brands now. Everything about the range of Forces polishes is perfect from the jelly bases to the wonderful perfect combination of glitters. A huge winner in my eyes for this year.

No. 2 - Emily de Molly Bellissima

I love soft colours and the combination in this glitter topper is serene, feminine and romantic. I love this topper as it adds pop and sparkle to pale soft colours and I think the colour of the glitters is just perfect.

Emily de Molly - Princess Grace

Before we hit number one I have to share that this is my personal number one Indie polish of the year. As Princess Grace was designed by Hayley and I and isn't readily available it felt unfair to declare it the number one Aussie Indie polish of the year. However every thing about this polish makes it my number one, the colours are vibrant and the glitter a perfect match.

Ta da the No 1. Australian Indie polish for this year in my opinion is Emily de Molly Turbulence.

This is heaven in a bottle with a gorgeous array of colours and glitters it is just so beautiful. I love the different sizes and shapes of the glitter, this polish is so gorgeous and different to anything else I own. A definite must have for any glitter fan!


  1. Gah, I want them all. Monet's Garden is my favourite though!

  2. I never even heard of Hollish Nails until this post and it is on my must have list! So gorgeous. I also love Bellisima, soft glitters are my thing. Have you tried KBShimmer Toastess With the Mostest? :-)


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