Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hollish Nails - review Murder on the Dancefloor, Touched by Midas, Bazaar and Snow Puppies

I can't believe I somehow didn't review these gorgeous polishes earlier! I think I lost a few brain cells in the pre-Christmas chaos. These beauties are from Hollish Nails and as a new Indie maker I am quickly falling in love with the brand through their outstanding polishes. You can find Hollish Nails on etsy or Facebook, now onto the polishes.

The first two are from the amazing Death by Sparkle collection that contains 4 to die for polishes. I review I Bleed Rubies and Cyan-ide here. Now I have the two other gems in this collection to show you. Firstly is this exquisite silver sparkler Murder on the Dancefloor. This polish is an absolute must for all!! It is so sparkly and gorgeous, applies like a dream and with a top coat has a gorgeous smooth finish. It catches the sun and has you staring at your nails for hours. This is one of my new favourite silver polishes. All of the Death by Sparkles polishes can be worn with or without top coat and as you know I'm not a fan of textured these are perfect for me to have that amazing sparkly effect without the roughness. I truly adore this polish.

Next is Touched by Midas the last of the Death by Sparkles I have to share with you. The formula on this one is a little different and has more translucency than the other 3, but it doesn't stop that gorgeous sparkly effect I keep raving about. Again it is super easy to apply, dries in super quick time and has that added bonus of you getting to choose whether you want to wear a top coat or leave it as a textured finish.

The third polish I have to share today is Bazaar, this is a stunning glitter topper. Here I have worn one coat over a England Perceval. Bazaar contains tiny to medium red glitter as well as metallic and holo squares and hex. It also has orange, blue, teal hexes and bright pink dots. Perfect to go over any of those colours but I love it over red. There was no problems with application, the glitter applied easily and there was no fishing for pieces. This colour combination is just stunning!

Lastly I have Snow Puppies to show you. Another bright and cheerful glitter topper Snow Puppies has orange, hot pink and white glitters with fuschia dots. This combination of colours works fabulously. Here I am wearing it over Powder Perfect - Raspberry Whorl. It would look great over any of the other colours as well. Again application was easy and I love how it dresses up a plain polish.

Don't forget to visit Hollish Nails at etsy

These polishes were provided for review, this does not change the way I write about them.


  1. I only heard of Hollish today! Murder On The Dancefloor is so beautiful I wish it was still listed on Etsy. :-)

  2. Hi Tanya, Holly has some Murder on the Dancefloor back in stock on etsy :) It is gorgeous!


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