Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 Mainstream polishes 2013

 This list was a lot easier than the  Australian Indie top 10. Again this is of polishes I purchased, and my favourites out of those purchases. Mainstream polish seems a little repetitive lately, and apart from Zoya's Holiday Collection no other collection completely grabbed me this year. That doesn't mean I didn't love any, there were some that I adore. Unfortunately I don't have individual swatches of all the polishes so there are nail art photos included.  Onto my top 10

10. Zoya Payton 
A gorgeous deep plum with scattered holo, what's not to love?

9. butter London Poole
Of course I have greens, this one Poole by butter London made my list as while there are similar colours out there the shade and application of this polish is amazing. It's deeper than a mint green but falls between green and blue perfectly.

No. 8. butter London - Squatter

You've seen me use this one a lot in Christmas designs, it's a fabulous bright and rich green creme. I love how it's lime green, bright but doesn't fall into that yellow green colour that a lot of lime greens do.

No. 7 OPI My Vampire is Buff

This makes my top ten as the ivory colour makes it so versatile and I've used it a lot in different nail designs. It's not the only polish in this shade on the market but My Vampire is Buff applies the best out of all of them. It deserves it's place in the top 10 as I use it so often and it's perfect light neutral polish.

 No. 6 - Zoya Dream

This polish is just a dream! In a rich and regal royal blue it is so gorgeous on the nail. The scattered holo adds that little bit extra and the result is one amazing polish.

No.5 Zoya Imperial Russia

This is the first in a trio released by Zang Toi, the colours have all now been re-released with new names but I'm using the name on my bottles. Imperial Russia is the perfect jewel toned purple polish.

No.4 Zoya Peterhof Palace

Again this polish is just the perfect jewel shade of sapphire blue, I adore it.

No3. Zoya Chinoiserie Fantasy

The absolute most perfect emerald green polish I've come across. I simply adore this shade.

 No2. Chanel Taboo

It took me a little longer than others to jump on the Chanel Taboo bandwagon but I am so pleased I did! This polish is so easy to use it just about paints itself. The colour is amazing!

and drumroll

My No. 1 mainstream polish is Chanel Azure

I only received this for Christmas but I never want to take it off. It's an amazing duochrome and the colour change is very obvious. It turns from blue to green and reminds me of the ocean. Simply amazing!!!


  1. I absolutely love your Christmas ornaments!

  2. Dream, Payton and My vampire is buff are on my list too, amazing polishes!


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