Monday, December 9, 2013

12 days of Christmas - Christmas Where You Live

So I'm a little behind but it's December so it's allowed :). This is Christmas in Australia. Unlike the Northern hemisphere we usually have a gorgeous sunny hot Christmas, where our Santas sweat and just about faint in their heavy outfits. For some strange reason we still stick to the traditional full hot Christmas lunch which leads to sleepy afternoons after hot stressful mornings. A bbq and salads would be far better suited to our climate but for some reason our families stick to the traditions.

I love this look and took a lot of inspiration from One Nail to Rule Them All's beach scene . I started with a base coat of butter London Fiver. I then painted two thirds of my nail with Zoya Rocky, trying to be a little 'wavy' it the top section. I added white to Rocky to paint some lines to look like waves. The bottom third I painted with butter London Cuppa. I then sponged white along the line to represent the waves meeting the shore and clouds in the sky. A large dotting tool was used for the sun. I then used my acrylic paints and did the Christmas tree and Santa hat. I let them dry added top coat and I was done :).

It's Monday already, I think Christmas is going to come very quickly! Have a good and safe week, Tx.

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  1. I also did a beach scene for this challenge, but yours is much better than mine. I like the softer colours - I think mine were too bright for the beach look I was going after. Also, the christmas tree and santa hat is adorable. Oh, and my my family has ditched tradition for comfort. We have our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve and have a big brunch the next morning before spending most of the rest of the day in the pool. It's a pretty awesome way to do it. :)



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