Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa and Sleigh with Moon Nail art tutorial - Crumpet's Nail Tarts Holiday Challenge and 12 days of Christmas combined

I've had to roll two challenges into one, as 12 days of Christmas is inspired by a Christmas Movie and Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge is a family tradition. In our house it's tradition to sit of an evening in December with eggnog and Cadbury festive sweets and watch all three of The Santa Clause movies. They are my absolute favourites. Now before you are worried I made a mistake, the sleigh is meant to be upside down as it's taken from the poster below, where the reindeers are driverless for a little while in Santa Clause 3. I loved doing this mani so much I decided to do my second tutorial ever, so this post is heavy on graphics. I've also included sun and shade photos as I love both, the sun is sparkly but the shade adds a little something to the scene. Tutorial below under photos.


Now this whole look only required three polishes, and two stamping polishes. I used the gorgeous Zoya Dream as a base colour. Then I didn't slop it on but wasn't overly careful to get the shape of the moon across my fingers with Zoya Snow White.

I then filled it in more carefully with the same polish.

After leaving it to dry a bit, I then used a tiny piece of sponge in tweezers and gently sponged Zoya Seraphina over the moon to make it have some depth.

The next step was to top coat and wait to dry. Then I stamped some tree tops from plate BM-H02 on the corner of my index and pinkie. Now the first stamp didn't come out perfectly and you can stress and redo it but in the end (apart from now I'm telling you) with accent stamping most often the only one to notice the error is you. It's also intended to be background so you don't need to stress too much, mother nature is never perfect anyway.

Once both tree tops were stamped I again top coated those fingers and allowed to dry. This is so if you make a big mistake on the next stamping the top coat allows you to carefully erase it without wrecking your whole design. Then it was on to the sleigh (plate BM-213) and reindeers (plate QA19), which I did with Konad black stamping polish.

With that you're all done. Carefully apply the last coat of top coat, you want a bead of polish to fall on the nail and you push the bead with your brush, trying to not make contact via the brush and the nail as this is when smearing happens. I love the finished look and hope the tutorial is of some help to someone.

Link for more 12 days participants 


  1. This is gorgeous! Seriously. I love this so much. Also, I had been trying to remember the name of this movie for ages! I remember watching the Escape Clause many years ago and was trying to remember it's name the other day. Thanks for that. :)


  2. oh wow!! these look awesome!

  3. Beautiful! That Zoya is the perfect choice for a base.


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