Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Favourite Nail Designs 2013

These are my top 10 favourite nail designs I've done this year. They aren't all technically challenging, but they all made it hard to take them off.

10. Mosaic nails - these were fiddly but I love the bright colours and the end result

9. Pastel Roses - this was my first try at doing roses and I simply love how they turned out.

8. My piCture pOlish Blogfest mani - I just really love the colours in this one and the classic design on each nail.

7. Body Image Awareness mani - this was my first time trying triangles, now I'm hooked on them but this one will always be my favourite.

6. This Christmas design is very 'me', I actually really just adore neutrals and simple design. It's not that I don't like bright and playful, I do, I just love simple but elegant.

5. Dotticure - this is a very simple look to achieve and I love the pop it gives to your nails with very little effort required. With just 4 simple colours you don't need to go over the top to have nails you can't stop looking at.

4. Sea Jewel - I'm not sure it's that I just adore this polish but I do also love that it's highlighted with a simple accent nail.

3. Australian Christmas - I'm proud of this design and just love how it turned out. Apart from forgetting to add a sandman it turned out even better than I expected.

2. Inspired by The Santa Clause 3 -I'm also really proud of this design. Again it turned out even better than I expected and it gives me warm fuzzies as it encapsulates one of my favourite things about Christmas.

No 1 - Hibiscus Mani - I love everything about this one. The colours are pretty and the peach adds pop, the design is simple but the hibiscus adds interest. It's not perfect but is the first time I attempted a hibiscus and I really enjoyed wearing this design.

Did I choose your favourite or is there one you think should have been included?


  1. I love the dots + Sea Jewel. So sparkly and gorgeous!


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