Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Candy | 12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

 Since I've already done the predictable red and white candy cane nail art I decided to do all bright green to represent peppermint Christmas candy. The gorgeous green is butter London Squatter. I painted a white base on my ring finger and sectioned areas with striping tape to create the stripes with one quote of butter London Squatter. Green was a lot easier to work with than red and only had minor streaking. The glitter on my pinkie is butter London Fairy cake applied in one thin coat over Squatter.

Have a fabulous Friday, Tx


  1. Wow! They are gorgeous. :) Going for green was a good, inventive choice. Mine have red and white. :)


  2. I love that you did them in green/white instead of the usual red/white.


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