Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nails for World Refugee Month

What does painting your nails for a cause actually do? It's a question I've seen before and no, none of us think we will find a cure for cancer or stop violence etc but it is a way the nail community can help raise awareness and show our support. I've only just realised it's world refugee month and while my blog isn't a place for political debate I want to encourage everyone to not just listen to the media but do some of your own research on asylum seekers. I believe you will be very surprised at the facts. Kochie whether you like him or not has some of the best articles written in a clear manner and while these date to the last election the information is still very relevant.

I chose the beautiful Zoya Phoebe for my blue mani.

See other bloggers showing their support for World Refugee Month

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