Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy birthday to my bestest nail friend

I love everything nail related, Love polishes and art, new collections and new creators but the single greatest thing I love about nails is the nail community. Not only do you find our hints and tips, or see new collections there is something so wonderful in being able to share your obsession with like minded people. You can break a nail and instead of the you've gone crazy looks I get at home, there are so many women who understand and empathise with me. My greatest 'find' since starting  my nail passion is not a hard to find polish, or a super technique, it's not even that amazing polish colour that suits your skin so beautifully. My greatest find is my dear nail buddy friend Natalia from Cats n Nails.

Natalia is the most generous, funny, kind lady you could come across. I don't remember what made us first 'click' but we did and haven't looked back. Natalia's responsible for making me smile on some of the toughest days when a surprise nail package arrives in the mail. She's always there if I want to chat about anything. She tries to teach me how to stamp lol and I just adore her.

So today is Natalia's birthday

Happy birthday Natalia!!!

Natalia wanted birthday nails to help her celebrate, sounds easy doesn't it? I tried to nail her down to a favourite colour and was given "I do like blue, purple, pink and teal, also black, silver and grey". Ahhh too many choices, I tried again a couple of days later and told her she had to give me just ONE - so she went for blurple lol. Only Natalia could fit two colours into one :). So blurple it is with a hint of silver and teal.

For Natalia's birthday skittles I used

Orly - Lunar Eclipse as the base colour
Essie - No Place Like Chrome is the silver used in stamping and dots
Zoya - Akyra is the teal.

Enjoy your birthday my beautiful friend xx


  1. My dear thank you so much for the kind words! I am lucky to have you in my life :*

  2. Hear hear! Fab birthday nails Theresa!

  3. Awesome mani and happy birthday for your friend :)


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