Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zoya Yana, Rocky and Josie colour block nails

I really love Zoya's Stunning collection and I've had fun using it in nail art this week. There's something about it being freezing cold outside and adding bright colours to my nails. Maybe I'm trying to trick myself into thinking it's warmer. For this mani I used Yana a hot ink, Rocky, a gorgeous blue and Josie a great mid green. You just paint your nails in one colour, top coat and allow to dry. Then have fun with the sticky/scotch tape in marking off different areas and adding in the colours. Easy but you do have to make sure your base is dry and that the tape has adhered well with no bubbles or small lifts for polish to creep in. Finish it all with a good amount of top coat, loading your brush with top coat really helps to prevent colours bleeding.

Yay it's Thursday and I can see the weekend from here :), Tx

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