Friday, August 1, 2014

Zoya Neutrals Wave Nail Design

I'm still loving my Zoya Neutrals and I am extra excited they are releasing another collection!! For this look I used Zoya Brigitte on my index, Rue as a base on my middle and ring and Chantal on my pinkie, I used Odette as the darkest colour in the waves then the other colours I've already used. I absolutely love the end result. I used the same technique I use for multi colour stripes using wave decals. Now one of you lovely readers asked where I got the guide sticker from in the stamped curved mani and it's the same place as I got the wave ones used in this look so I've hunted them down and it's here on eBay. I hope that helps :)

Have a fabulous Friday, Tx

I used a matte coat for the look below but I feel it washed out the colours too much, it was worth a try though :)


  1. Gorgeous use of those shades!! :) I like the shiny version best :)

  2. Nice wavy design! It looks good matte :-)


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