Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish and Nail Vinyls Blog/Insta Fest 2014

Welcome to Blog/Insta Fest 2014!

This year's Blog fest is in two parts and for the first part I have a swatch of a collaboration polish to share with you. I was given Shy Violet to swatch, a collaboration with Glam Polish.

Shy Violet is a pretty deep violet shade with holographic sparkles throughout. The sparkles dance in the sunlight and the colour is bright and fun. I used three thin coats to reach an opacity I was happy with and the polish dried quickly and well with a matte finish. I added one layer of top coat to add gloss and protection.

Part 2 of Blog fest

I was sent Totes and Chillax as well as Nail Vinyls in a zigzag pattern from Nail Vinyls, what I did with them was up to me. You've seen me use the nail vinyls before and know of my love for zigzags so just to be different this time I decided to do them on an angle and create an accent finger. To start I painted all my nails with Totes, some say it's yellow but I think Totes verges on the orange side of a yellow creme. I added top coat and allowed it to dry. I then placed my vinyl on an angle and added two together for the wider look on my accent nail. Then it was simply a matter of painting over my whole nail vinyls included, with Chillax an awesome mid pastel blue/green creme and using tweezers to carefully remove the vinyls while my polish was still wet. I wasn't sure my colours would work together but I quite like how the look turned out, Totes gives just the right amount of pop to the blue/green Chillax.

The Nail Vinyls can be found through the following links


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  1. Oh wow what a gorgeous polish!

    I love your design and choice of colours too :-)

  2. Fantastic as always! I can see I need all of these colours in my future

  3. I got Chillax too! I think it looks cool with Totes. So funky.

  4. Loving what you did with the chevrons <3

  5. Your nailart is a pure perfection! Chevron lines are so clear ♡ love it!

  6. I love how Chillax and Totes work so great together!


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