Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crumpet's Simples - Nail art from muggle to mastery - Splodge week

I've never done a splodge before and while it isn't technically difficult I found it hard to randomly splodge nail polish. It's the OCD in me that likes everything symmetrical and in it's place :) To learn about splodge designs The Crumpet has a great post and video tutorial up here. So once I'd done and photographed my splodge I had to add a bit of symmetry back in so I added the zig zags in white, it makes my heart happy lol. I truthfully am very bad, I like things arranged in odd numbers, never even, I can tell you if someone has moved one of my ornaments and have to have the towels all hanging just right :) We won't even talk about how clothes MUST hang on the clothesline hee hee. I used my custom cremes from Powder Perfect in this one excet for the magenta which is Rimmel Don't be Shy.

Have a peaceful Sunday, T <3


  1. Love how these shades look together! <3

  2. oh that is sooooo funny! The very reason I love them is why it didn't work for you :) Glad we're all different :)

  3. Hehe neat! I like the final zig zags :-D

  4. Really pretty ☺


  5. facebook is below place take a look for and support ☺


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