Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ombre green nails

Today I'm super excited to show you all my gorgeous ombre custom green cremes. Jacinta did an amazing job of creating these gorgeous cremes for me. To show case them I decided to do a square pattern accent nail with each square being one of the five greens. I taped my nail with striping tape, with 3 vertical  lines and 4 horizontal lines to achieve the design. I'm so in love and while I love lots of polishes green and creme will always win my heart :)

Have a fabulous day


  1. I'm loving the feature nail! Did you have any problems when peeling off the tape? I always have issues when I'm doing complex stuff with tape - if I take too long, the polish starts to dry and I end up peeling clumps of polish off which is gragh. Tell me your secrets!

  2. I love the mosaic look you did with these!


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