Friday, August 1, 2014

a England Beauty Never Fails and Excalibur nail design

 a England is one of my long term favourite brands. They are always of the highest quality and there is a uniqueness to the brand. Today I'm wearing Beauty Never Fails a gorgeous forest green with olive and gold shimmer. My accent nail and the polish under the striping tape design is a England Excalibur. I painted some nail studs with Beauty Never Fails to match.

I know not everyone is a green fan and even less are olive fans but the added gold really makes this polish totally gorgeous!!


  1. Your design is so beautiful. And, wow, that green polish is stunning! I don't think I have ever seen it before. It looks so gorgeous with the other one.

    lol, how on Earth do you get those studs so nice! I have tried painting studs and I always end up with a gloopy mess and lose the studs. The main problem is getting them up to where I can paint them all around. I have thought of using a pin with a blob of candle wax on the end - I think the stud would stick to that enough so I could get it all painted. Is that how you do it? LOL, how about a blog showing different says to paint the different sized studs we use?! :)

  2. These a-Englands are amazing! I love them both :-) Great nail art.


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