Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loki's Lacquer - Whitewalkers - glow in the dark

I love this polish so much!! It makes me feel like a little girl all over again.Glow in the dark polish - just how cool is that? I didn't get very good photos to show the glow properly but this polish is amazing. Just from normal night time light my nails glow a little in the dark but when placed under direct light the glow is just amazing!! The polish is cute and super easy to apply. It has the tiny blue glitter are little iridescent flecks and bars. This polish is the best glow polish I've seen and honestly there is a little girl in all of us that can't help playing with it :). The heart decals were made with nail polish painted on baking paper left to dry and then I used a hole punch to get the love heart shape.

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