Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby blue zig zag

Today I've done a skittlette of the gorgeous Zoya Blu, a zig zag and Essie Beyond Cosy. This zigzag is done with the decals. I love the overall look of this one, something so soothing and pretty about Zoya Blue.Yes it's another mani with Essie Beyond Cosy, it was all that was holding my nail together for awhile. Unfortunately it's broken now, so I have super nubs. Luckily for me they grow quickly but I'm already missing painting my nails. Oh well, very much a first world problem.

If you haven't yet please vote for my piCture pOlish blog fest design, the link is here and you just need to leave my blog name It's All About the Polish in the comments section. There is even a chance at winning some polish for yourself just for voting.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments here and on Instagram

Have a fabulous Wednesday, Tx.

1 comment:

  1. Oh so pretty! I love the blu - must order a bottle, stat!


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