Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celestial Cosmetics Rose Gold Skittlette

Today I've done a skittlette using one of the gorgeous Celestial Cosmetic polishes - Rose Gold. It's vibrant and gorgeous and perfect to add pop! Here I used Miss Asleigh's Bird of Paradise as a base colour for Rose Gold. Now usually I'd call my ring finger a chevron but I've learnt a chevron is technically just one arrow so my ring finger is zig zags. I often get asked how I do the zig zag and I actually have three methods. Above I've used sticky decals from an etsy store, they are the fastest and easiest to use. The second method I use is making your own nail decals, you paint polish onto baking paper and then use pinking shears to cut the zig zag shape out, like this video here http://instagram.com/p/br0gSkQBQm/. Lastly I use tape cut with shears or sometimes the sticky decals and carefully paint them on using the tape as a guide. Phew, all look great and it really depends how much time I have, whether I've already painted polish onto the baking paper and dried or even if I can get the exact colour I want or not.

Tuesday's here already, have a great one, Tx


  1. love it! the red is so beautfiul! :)

    the link to my blog http://thepolishsistas.blogspot.co.at/


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