Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Serious - Elliot and Daphne's Birthday Party

We are all going ok, still sad and we miss our furry family member so much. This was meant to be my last Paint it Blue Tuesday but I didn't get it up in time. I'm still sharing as the polishes are gorgeous and with the Custom Ble Auction going so well it deserves celebrating.

I used Pretty Serious Cosmetic's Eliot for the blue, it is such a fun bright blue, I just love it! The glitter gradient is Pretty Serious Cosmetic Daphne's birthday party that is so sparkly, glitter packed and fun. I love them together! Now the photos aren't the best as my camera decided to up and die :(, hubby has fixed it now. My cuticles are a mess too, that's what you get for not looking after them for a week so que sera sera :)

Hope you're having a fabulous week.

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  1. Aww :( I hate having to say goodbye to pets. They really are part of the family <3 hugs to you all.

    This is a lovely manicure!! I love the bright blue base. A colour I really must add to my collection! x


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