Friday, May 31, 2013

Illamasqua - Speckle

Today I'm having to reach into the archives to find a polish I haven't posted yet. I did a gorgeous mani but the ever so cute puppy is teething and scraped most of the polish off on one finger. Good thing I love him. This is Speckle by Illamasqua and the colour is gorgeous. I've tried some Hard Candy speckle type polishes and they are ver pretty too but this one was just that little bit easier to apply as you'd expect from a higher class brand. I know people are divided over the new speckle look but I quite like it, it's something a little different and every now and then you need a polish that is a more subtle glitter bomb.

These photos make me miss my longer nails, but they'll grow again. I also really miss nail art but I'm lucky at the moment to get polish on and not bitten that I just don't have time for nail art. Like my nails though the puppy will grow too - thank god lol.

Well I can say TGIF, I need a weekend! Hope you all enjoy your day x


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  2. Gorgeous! and yes your nails will be back in no time :) x


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