Saturday, February 9, 2013

glitter galore on Essie Nothing Else Metals

I was too tired yesterday to do new nails so I've pulled one from the vault.

This is Essie - Nothing Else Metals a gorgeous lilac polish from the Metallics collection and one coat of Color Club - Sugarplum fairy. The Essie is tricky to apply, it likes to shows all your nail flaws and brush strokes. I found on a blog somewhere (if anyone knows who I would love to give them credit) the trick to overcoming these problems. The first is to use a ridge filler base coat, this allows the nail to be more even and stops faults from being as visible. The second is to do one coat and then use a matte top coat, then add one or two more coats. This really works!

After a day I wanted to add a little sparkle so I added the color club glitter coat. I loved this look but warning it's very sparkly in the sun and I had to remove it as I had a migraine and sparkly nails were making the light problem worse.

Have a happy Saturday!

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