Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Sweet Talk and Be Mine

These gorgeous polishes are from Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk collection and my first Rainbow Honey polishes. They definitely won't be my last as I love the ease of application and unique designs.

The gorgeous white jelly has gorgeous pastel glitter in deep lilac coral and my all time favourite mint green. I applied two coats over one coat of Zoya Purity. I love the way in using two coats you can see the glitter through the white jelly as well as those on top. There were no problems with glitter placement, it truly was a breeze to apply.

Be Mine is a perfect pink for me. I'm not a huge pink fan but this polish is the exception, in some lights it has coral undertones. Throughout Be Mine are tiny specks of gold, that dance on your fingertips. I did need to apply 4 coats to reach a finish I was happy with, next time I think I will try one coat of pink before adding Be Mine.

An added Valentine's Day touch which this collection is crying out for!

Here you can see the gold specks of Be Mine and the awesome glitters throughout Sweet Talk.

Happy Thursday, the weekend is so close I can almost smell it :)

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  1. I love these polishes so much! Be Mine is absolutely stunning. I need to get my hands on it! Cutest little hearts on there too!


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