Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Bright

I'm so unimpressed by my short nails that I sort of just threw this together. It definitely covered the bright category. I used Lime Crime Pastelchio as the base colour and Parfait Day and Peaches <3 Cream for the sunburst thingys.

It does make me laugh that 12 months ago I would have broken a nail and not thought anything of it, I only wore nail polish at Christmas and on special occasions. Amazing what a year can do :) Anyway I've decided to embrace my nubbins and do some of the things that aren't as easy on long nails like stamping. Hey it's also nice to be able to type faster :)

As always have a happy day and please visit the other bloggers taking part in this challenge.


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  1. I love this- it's cute and summery. It also looks easy to try, which is important for a complete nail-art newbie like myself :-)

  2. It is easy :) Just grab a fine detail nail art brush (super cheap sets on ebay) and don't be scared it's very easy to do lines :). If you top coat first you can even remove any mistakes a couple of times with a gentle wipe of remover.

  3. Thanks for the tips :-) i have ordered some brushes from Born Pretty Store, can't wait to have a play!


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