Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grace-full Nail Polish opening collection - The Fellowship

I'm so excited to share that my Indie polish store will open on Friday night at 7pm. My brand is called Grace-full, the Grace is after my daughter and the hyphen full is from a gorgeous little girl gone too soon that taught us all that things aren't just beautiful they are beauty-full.

My store is :

You can keep up to date on Facebook or instagram @gracefullnailpolish

Today I'm sharing with you the collection that started it all. My family love Lord of the Rings and my 20 yr old son wanted me to make polishes based on the Lord of the Rings. It's been a great adventure to do together and while he's a 20 yr young adult male he had very definite opinions on the polishes. He hasn't been scared to tell me if the colour is wrong or he doesn't like a glitter - sometimes it was super annoying but in the end he was right and the changes worked.

This is The Fellowship Collection it includes 10 polishes

Gandalf’s Fireworks – inspired by Gandalf's fireworks used in Bilbo's 111th birthday party. Gandalf's Fireworks has a deep purple jelly base packed with holo violet, matte teal, holo copper and holo blue glitters. I love this one and yes I'm biased. I am wearing three dabbed on coats in these photos.

The Fellowship Cloak – the cloak given to the fellowship by Galadriel inspires this polish. It was said to be light but warm and to camouflage into the surrounding environment. The cape was silver/grey but you mainly saw it as green in the movie. This polish is a sage green crelly with subtle amounts of iridescent blue-green, copper and silver glitters. The colour shift in the iridescent glitter mimics the way the cloak could change colour to camouflage the wearer.

Photos show 2-3 coats with top coat.

Mount Doom – is the volcano that the Hobbits are journeying towards. The red base and gold super holographic glitter give the look of the volcano.  The red base and gold super holographic glitter give the look of the volcano. This is one super sparkly polish which will have you staring at your nails constantly.

The White Rider is a light silver packed with super holographic glitters. It symbolises Gandalf turning from grey to white with the gorgeous light silver colour. If you're a fan of the movies the inspiration is that moment when Gandalf reappears in white at Helms Deep with the Rohan army :)

The One – is a super sparkly glitter in gold with a slight yellow metallic base. It represents the One Ring. The Dark Lord Sauron in the fires of Orodruin (Mount Doom) created the greatest of middle-Earth, the One Ring during the Second Age. His intent was to concentrate and enlarge his own power, and in time gain overlordship of all of Middle-Earth.

Lady of the Woods –represents Galadriel, the lady of light. It’s a white crelly full of gold flakes, platinum flakes. Iridescent glitter and tiny holo glitter

You Have my Sword – is based on Aragon, a ranger and heir to the throne of Gondor. A true man of steel that inspired this charcoal grey linear holo

You Have My Bow – Is inspired by Legolas Greenleaf and named after the pledge he makes to Frodo that begins the fellowship. This jelly has a leaf green base is packed with different green glitters in hexes, triangles and dots as they represent both woods of the elves and his last name, and a sprinkle of small gold glitter to represent his blond hair.

And My Axe – is based on Gimli the dwarf from Lord of the Rings, the name also came from a quote made as the fellowship formed. And My Axe has a red-brown base colour and is packed with holo glitter silver, gold, copper and bronze, the colours of the metals the Dwarfs would mine. Photos have two dabbed coats.

Arwen – this polish is based on Arwen the half elven daughter of Elrond. She marries Aragon so I wanted them in a matching holo duo. The polish is a super pretty periwinkle scattered holo. The periwinkle dampens the holo effect but it still shows. Arwen was the polish I was looking forward to making the most but she’s been difficult. Now I finally have the just right colour! Arwen is a scattered holo  with blue/gold flakies so it still looks amazing in the shade. The above photo was taken in my light box and the ones below are in the sun.


  1. These look amazing! My wishlist just got longer...congrats on your launch!

  2. These look all great :-) Good luck with it :-)

  3. Gorgeous polishes! Added to my never ending wishlist also! x


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