Monday, February 24, 2014

Sea Siren Cosmetics - Seas the Day and Seaquake

I'm excited to show you two brand new polishes that have only just been released by Sea Siren Cosmetics.

The first one I have for you is a gorgeous shimmer in a purple/magenta shade. The shimmer on this polish is just gorgeous and adds a wonderful sparkle to the nails. The colour is so pretty and this polish has been released into the Pantone 2014 collection which has various shades of wild orchid. Application was great, the first coat seemed sheer but it built up nicely with the second coat. I am wearing my normal three coats and am very happy with the opaqueness three coats achieved. Dry time was good and the formula is just lovely.
Sea Siren is cruelty free and vegan friendly and have a 5 free formula. You can find out all the news on their Facebook page and browse the polishes and purchase them through the Sea Siren website.
Sea Siren offer both 15ml Ocean Bubble bottles at $15.95 and Wanderlust 5ml mini bottles for $6.95.

The second beauty I have to share is Seaquake. Seaquake is in a clear base with gorgeous gold, purple, pink and orange glitter. I love the addition of the orange as it brings a real pop to the polish. All of the glitters are lovely and bright and the formula was just right. There is some curling of the glitter in the small hexes. As they are small, two coats of topcoat still made the nail smooth, with no parts of the glitter sticking out. I actually don't mind that the curl of the glitter in this one changes the refraction of light so it adds depth to the polish. If it had of been bigger glitters I would have more of a problem. It is there though so needs to be mentioned. I have dabbed oe coat of Seaquake over Seas the Day and just love it.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

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