Friday, February 21, 2014

X Nail Glitter Design

Today's look has an X nail design - at least I think it's called an X nail, we'll call it that as it does look like an X ;). I stupidly forgot to take a photo when I had taped it up but I will try to remember next time so I can give you a tutorial on how to achieve the look. I love it and think it adds a wow factor. The gorgeous green is a custom creme by Celestial Cosmetics, isn't it just beautiful? The glitter is Essie Beyond Cozy and if you only buy one micro glitter this should be the one, it has both gold and silver specks which allows you to use it in any number of looks. It applies beautiful and isn't too gritty when dry.

It's Friday, it's Friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend :D Tx.

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