Sunday, February 9, 2014

Powder Perfect Polish Valentine's Duo

This gorgeous duo adds to my point that Valentine's Day doesn't need to be red or pink. I love that Powder Perfect Polish stepped outside the box in creating their Valentine's Day duo. The first polish in the duo is the gorgeous deep blue creme Loves Lost. This is a stunning polish just on it's own! The colour is gorgeous and application fabulous. The first coat was a little streaky but the second fixed it all and leaves you with a shiny gorgeous creme. I love it!

(Above in shade)

 The second polish is a glitter topper named Jar of Hearts. On it's own, it's a stand out polish, with cute black and purple/magenta hearts and a feast of many other types of glitter. Over Loves Lost it shines and the glitters perfectly compliment the gorgeous blue creme. I dabbed on one coat and using my stand the bottle upside down before use method I didn't have to hunt for any of the larger glitters. They came out easily on the brush. I love both polishes and really like a Valentine's Day duo with a twist. This polishes are available on the Powder Perfect Polish website and are AUD $10 for a 12ml bottle. Powder Perfect Polish is 5 free. 

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.


  1. Wow I have never seen a glitter polish with heart shaped glitters! That is so girly and cute and now I need it... Great for a valentines manicure for the people who are not great with nail art like me :D


  2. What a gorgeous blue, and that glitter!!! lol, who needs pink or red with those two combined!

  3. Jar of Hearts is fantastic :)


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